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DeSoto, United States

Contributing Photographer of the 2010-2013 “Art of the Car Concours” Car Show at the Kansas City Art Institute. /...

Vantage Point

I didn’t realize what other people were seeing until I bought a new laptop computer. I viewed my recent photo/art work on the laptop and realize it was different than what I was seeing on my home computer. Are we really seeing what the artist/photographer is seeing? Or, are we seeing what our computer limits are seeing? The limits of older computer equipment really show up when comparing 3 year old equipment to the laptops of today. I thought that everyone was seeing what I was seeing on my computer. The question comes down to vantage point. From my vantage point, one of my photo/art looks great. The color’s are right on. But, when you see my photo/art, printed or on a different computer, it changes. Resolution limits what the artist/photographer see on there computer. Do we run out and get better monitors and in turn better graphic cards to get better resolution? We, as artists/photographers, have achieved great images with the advent of digital photography. But, is it lost, when viewed on an older monitor or an older graphics card? I guess that we can only hope that what we see is what everyone else is seeing. The only way this can be checked, is by the compliments we receive from others and other photographer/artists. So, I wish to thank every one that has made comments and compliments to my art/photography work on Red Bubble.

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