Prof. Howard Hill Conducting

There are 1,800 people in the city of Coudersport. Which are a big slice of the 2,700 people who totally populate Potter County, Pennsylvania where Coudersport is the county seat.

BUT… BUT… as anyone can see, Coudersport is urban. And this is where you go in Potter County to find urban art. More importantly, it is where you go in America to find the roots of almost all urban art.

Once every one of our cities looked like Coudersport. We know that because most of us have seen “Seventy Six Trombones” and watched Professor Howard Hill lead his boys’ band down this very street… – or one that looked a whole lot like it.

And when I say most of us… I don’t care if you’re in New Zealand, Vienna, Lima, Oslo, Nairobi, Siena, or Tokyo. You’ve seen, or imagined, a place just like this. You can close your eyes and go to Coudersport… and hear those trombones, the drums, the cymbals, and the cotton candy eating crowds from all over Potter County – come to watch, and cheer.

That’s what I knew I was picturing when I found this panorama. And it’s wonderful to have The Urban Art Group reinforce me by featuring this still-glimmering-in-the-August-Light downtown place that exists in Coudersport right this minute…

And in our nostalgic fantasies of America everywhere else.

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  • Mary Ann Reilly
  • Mary Ann Reilly