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Ted Byrne

Ted Byrne

Lancaster, United States


Annoyed by latest RB "improvement"?

Beggars shouldn’t choose, huh? And I appreciate how much satisfaction I get from the hard work of RB designers, engineers, and people-who-dust-the-windows. But when I post an image and want to simultaneously post to groups… It is MUCH HARDER in the tiny window. Actually, it’s tedious.

Are they fazing the groups out? Maybe that’s why they’ve made them so difficult to find? That’s sad isn’t it? All the work the group managers do is free to RB isn’t it? And they help market images, don’t they? And marketed images are more salable, huh? And sales pay the RB bills, right?

So why’d they do this change? Someone know?

Anyone Know Amsterdam?

Help! Do You Amsterdam? Know anyone who does?

I’m going to Uganda on business next week (August 6-15, 2014) and I shall have two free overnights of layover in Amsterdam – a new city to me. Will have the entire day of Thursday August 7th IN Amsterdam before flying to Kampala the morning of the 8th. Then I’ll have another Amsterdam night on Friday August 15th before flying to the U.S in the mid afternoon of Friday August 16th.

While Uganda offers sensational photo opportunities, I’m really interested in enjoying Amsterdam both photographically and for fun.

Anyone have advice about how to have a great time in such a brief number of hours? Any photographs or cool stuff nearby to the Holiday Inn Express – Arena Towers (Hoogoorddreef 66, 1101 BE) that mustn’t be missed?

Idea Versus Style

It’s been said that when the critic starts reviewing the scenery, the play’s in trouble.

So I worry when I get intrigued by a dramatic style… Even when it seems certain to dramatically reinforce both the idea and feeling I want to communicate… I worry that it will distract. Which is why I was reluctant to post I wondered if style here would overwhelm the idea in The Kid Gets The Bill .

Then WHEEEEEEE! Not one, but TWO of RBs most serious idea sites chose to feature The Kid! This is totally cool. Thanks to the judges at The Human Condition Forum and the judges at The Current Issues Forum.

You have reinforced my courage to create images that resonate their way out of the crowded moment. And to go with style that cranks up the volume. Thanks a LOT!

Yesterday's Pigeon Flies At Night

Yesterday is a foreign place and its buildings are its postcards.

I’m off to find a theme among the three of my images which have won features from distinguished (and picky) group judges this week.

First the decision makers at Urban Art added my feelings about the hopes of yesteryear to their features. Yea!

Then… then… judges from Out Of The Past grabbed to feature among some startlingly great artistic works.

And finally… the incisive minds at Theatrical And Staged Photography decided that was good enough to rank with a dazzling array of weekly features.

And you know what… I’m thinking the theme… the thread among these three is mystery. Each exuded a mysterious aura that wafted about me as I developed the images. And I hope that you sense it&…

Prof. Howard Hill Conducting

There are 1,800 people in the city of Coudersport. Which are a big slice of the 2,700 people who totally populate Potter County, Pennsylvania where Coudersport is the county seat.

BUT… BUT… as anyone can see, Coudersport is urban. And this is where you go in Potter County to find urban art. More importantly, it is where you go in America to find the roots of almost all urban art.

Once every one of our cities looked like Coudersport. We know that because most of us have seen “Seventy Six Trombones” and watched Professor Howard Hill lead his boys’ band down this very street… – or one that looked a whole lot like it.

And when I say most of us… I don’t care if you’re in New Zealand, Vienna, Lima, Oslo, Nairobi, Siena, or Tokyo. You&…

Once Upon A Hockey Player's Smile...

Does each new generation mug the leavings of its predecessor? It is an adolescent’s job to get kicked out of the nest, right?

Usually what happens is that the whipersnappers knock down a big piece of whatever their parents built. So that a lot of the streets in smaller American cities look like the hockey player’s smile… A gold cap here, a dark gap there, maybe even a pretentious cubic zirconium embedded in some facade.

But not in Coudersport where a magical spell en-coats Main Street – keeping its founders’ ambitious dreams still bricked and glassed strong in the August sun.

How wonderful to visit my posting to find T H I S !

Which, of course, should you click upon that icon up above, will take you to The Image Writing Group where they liked my fable enou…

Face It Y'All

< Click away on every icon below… K? >

“I’ve often found” She giggled, “that a guy’s eyes are the window to his goal.”

“Goal? Huh?”

“His intentions Sweetie. They are a pair of revelations. And, um, pretty good meters to judge how I’m doing.”

“With him you mean?”

“Well, yeah…” her smile grew coy.. “At a given moment.”.

“Okay, so wuddaya think about this guy here?”

“Um, well at exactly that moment? I’m not sure it’s… y’know… not the perfect place I’d like a guy to be. I’d need to do some work on that.. Attitude?”

“Hmmmmm… and yet there’s major disagreement … lookit at this reaction…

The brain's lazy meat

The brain is a lazy piece of meat. It only gets a little power from the body, so it takes shortcuts. And that means it rarely even sees the commonplace, ordinary, and everyday stuff all around us. Yep, the familiar becomes invisible.

But when we go somewhere new… our eyes open… freshen. Wheeee! So a visit to my portfolio will take you to my visit last week to Potter County, Pennsylvania. Where I discovered this… and I found this… .

And a whole lotta other stuff that I betcha the folks in Potter County don’t see. Right? Now what is particularly cool is that visitors from both Out of The Past and from Image Writing enjoyed this enough to FEATURE IT! Yippee. And not only that, the judges at Your Magic Place enjoyed this… just as much and featured it …

Memory Atrophies... Images Don't

We walk about seeing auras. Or sensing them through all six of our inputs. Okay… okay… five if you have to be picky. And if we’re doing our artist-y jobs then the images we do become memory substitutes. Take this image for an example. See… if you click on that icon… See… how I tried to make the image overlap my memories of an aura?

Now I was pleased with the try that combined the stuff I recalled seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and even tasting… you know, reconstructing the aura thing. But… but… Imagine my surprise when I found first this…


Now that ROCKS!

Both the Image Writing Group AND The Abstract Digital Art & Writing Group featured my memory fixation thingee up there. Totally hot! I am psyched.

Manly Shoulders

“Did you see this Doris?”

“Uh-huh. Love-it when bulky, sinister, shapes loom in dark places Greta.”

“Yeah, they agree with you over at Abstract Digital Art And Writing . I see they featured it yesterday. Yeow! It’s sooooo, like, menacing. You know what I’m saying?

“You got that right. And muscular too? Like, that building in the middle it’s like getting all massive and shouldering it’s way right between everything else.”

“That’s what they do in Times Square – Sometimes you can smell the… the…”


(Giggle) “Uh I was thinking more the energy. But… yeah… I like that…”

“The scent of muscle? And energy and….”

“New York.…

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