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TeaseTees is a home for those TEXT tees that have some PUNCH. It may be a TEASE for someone WEARING the TEE — or TEASES those who are looking at it as it walks down the street. It may be something that SPEAKS to YOU… OR communicates to the world.

Tees can be a perfect way of gifting friends — It can be a way to send a message. Our goal is to create a very wide and diverse selection of TEES that point toward the vast array of our species’ very human aspects.

Rather than counting sheep during any night-time sleepless hours….more and more TEXT tees are being created. Some areas of focus have come into play, for instance the decision to keep exploring the design possibilities of our existing Photoshop Elements program rather than jumping into other virtual design programs… This will be our designated art pallet… for the time being!

Also, we’ve made the decision to keep the designs primarily ALL TEXT TEES… meaning all the artistic components come almost exclusively from the keyboard… only then to be manipulated through PSE ‘warped text’, ‘filters’ and ‘enhancements’ in order to ADD ‘context’, ‘ARTISTIC MEANING’ and ‘PERSONALITY’ to the tee… many with a hoped for HUMOUROUS poke, tickle, or essence.

There’s been some thought given to organizing the types and subjects of TEASING TEES that seem to “ROAR out of the night” onto a Red Bubble page. . As these organizational solutions get made manifest we hope to INSPIRE YOU to keep returning to TEASETEES to “ENJOY the SHOW” … lol ;-)))

WE’VE marveled at the ‘number of views’ quickly garnered by a design… YET ALSO THE TOTAL LACK OF COMMENTS!!! So here’s our ‘challenge’ and ‘reward’ for the FIRST person to read down to here AND to then make comments and ‘favorites’ on six of the TeaseTees designs……..Should you do this and comment+fav on SIX in the same day, we’ll then Bmail you and get your address so we can send you a set of FREE STICKERS of each of those SIX tee designs you commented on. NOW that’s a FUN UNIQUE DEAL isn’t it ??? SO, act fast and be the first (to make all six favs+comments), because that’s who will qualify for the priceless PRIZE!

Teasing can be such a true and sweet way to love…no???? ;-)))

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