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Sorry i haven’t uploaded anything in a bit. Things have been crazy for me…busy busy. For the people who have read my past journals, you know that I’ve been trying to sell my camera…
Not only that, ebay is evil! and people try to rip you off! UUUGHHHH!!
: )
Unfortunately, I’ve put my camera back on ebay. I started it off at a ridiculously low price, but that’s the only thing that attracts buyers… i thought. It’s still ridiculously low. But it has a few more days up so hopefully it will go up. I’m poor, i can’t get the camera i want! ugh.
I’m in the middle of moving and getting ready for a big trip in december and i can’t get a new job right now. I can’t wait to start working again, i hate not working.
I still haven’t even gotten film for my holga. Not only that…I’ve got a new Zenit ET…that i don’t have film for.
Maybe i’ll upload some paintings i’ve been working on in a few days.
Thanks for reading wink wink

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