Best wishes for the holidays!

I awoke at five am this morning, and bounced out of bed to greet the day. I’d only had 3 hours of sleep after staying up late into the night working on a new artwork. I should have been so tired, but not today. Not this day. Today is Christmas Eve, and for me it’s always been the happiest day of the year.

Christmas Eve means unbridled excitement as we count down the hours until Santa arrives. Thanks to Norad, we can do that in real time. At our house it means silent, secretive rendevous with my Husband as we try to wrap the gifts without the boys catching us.
It’s 2 boisterous boys racing up and down the hall giggling with excitement with the realisation that Santa will be here soon. It means planned booby traps around the Christmas tree in the hope of catching the big m…

A Day In Pompeii

Last month, my children and I decided to trek to the Denver Nature & Science Museum to see the newest exhibit: A Day In Pompeii

On August 24 A.D. 79, with the sudden eruption of Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii was covered in volcanic ash. The volcanic ash created a type of “time capsule” sealing off the buried city until its rediscovery some 17 centuries later.

As we walked through the exhibit it was hard not to notice the wonderous city that was “Pompeii.” Have you ever visited a museum exhibit of some long lost world and just wanted to pick up one of their ancient instruments and burst into song? Yeah, me neither.
I must add that chewing gum in the exhibit is strictly prohibited. Strictly. You will be escorted to the nearest waste bin to dispose of your contraband, a…

Redbubble & American Apparel LA1 Meetup

Last Thursday December 13th, we had our LA1 meetup at American Apparel’s headquarters showroom in Los Angeles, CA. This was our first meetup as the new community team with a co-sponsor and I have to say it was cool to see the Redbubble logo and a very eclectic selection of t-shirt designs from Redbubble LA-based artists set against the iconic AA visual explosion of mannequins, knee socks, headbands, short shorts, and Helvetica type. Talk about stimulation overload!

We’re grateful to those who extended their tour of the LA Art Walk happening that night in the downtown area and ventured down a bit further to the gritty Warehouse District where the AA factory outlet and headquarters reside. First factory party I’ve attended since my days in Warhol’s Silver Factory of Superstars. OK, so I’m…

Here's Cheers for Doomsday!

You’ve most likely heard a lot of talk over the past few months about the Mayan Calendar and its dire predictions that the world is about to end very soon. On December the 21st, to be exact.
The countdown to Doomsday or “2012” as the Internet phenomenon has rather coolly called it, began thousands of years ago, 5125 years ago to be exact. Some report that it is foretold that the completion of the Mayan Calendar heralds in a great transformative event, and that transformation ensures a renewal of the Earth…a “cleansing,” if you will.

This great transformation, or cataclysm is commonly known by many as The Apocalypse, Doomsday or Armageddon. You get the point, right? It’s basically all bad news for the world in just a few days time.

So, here’…

Redbubble Denver Artist Meetup

Last Friday, Redbubble launched it’s first ever Denver Meetp Event for our Denver-based artists! The event was held at a local art and tattoo gallery, Ananda Art & Tattoo. Having just moved into their new space, they graciously gave us as much wall space as needed to display works from our Redbubble artists.

As Redbubble grows, it is important to us to continue to be connected with our artists and to show appreciation for our talented community. We shared laughs, stories, drinks and food. Everyone even got a couple of tattoos! Alright, so they were fake ones from Redbubble, but, I did see a few people eyeing the table and heard a few curious murmurs from interested guests. One spirited lady even jumped up on the table, announcing she was going to get a tattoo right then and there. Tu…

We Love Steampunk!

In our modern world of electronic gadgets, 3D doohickies, digital this and HD that, it’s somehow comforting to see that there is a large subculture of proponents of the Steampunk genre.

To describe Steampunk art you’ll hear words like steam, victorian, industrial, and clockwork. But the Steampunk genre goes beyond mere words. The key to defining Steampunk is finding modern technologies beautifully mixed with a heaping dose of an age when steam was the primary power source, Queen Victoria held the throne, people were communicating by telegraph and the industrial age was at its prime.

Steampunk works are often set either in an alternate science fictional version of western history, or in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world of depleted resources, and a return to the glorious days of steam po…

Movember - Did you Grow a Mo?

Curious things have been happening to men’s faces all across the globe this past month. Unless you’ve been sharing a living space with a bear in a cave somewhere, you’ve most likely noticed that many of our usually clean shaven men-folk have been very busy cultivating a moustache during the month of November.

As perplexing as this quest for upper lip hirsuteness may appear to be, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s all done for the very worthy cause of raising awareness of men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health.

So impressed were we by the collective generosity of all of those who sprouted a Mo for Movember we in the Community team thought we’d sport our own Mo’s as a way of saying thanks to all of you for your commitment to the cause.

Heidi expressed a p…

Denver Meet UP at 5280

Works by Wojciech Dabrowski, flagsilhouettes, kkart, jccat, chuckcarvalho, Jay Ryser, asyrum, and Reese Ferrier

As we head into winter here in Denver, the powers that be at Redbubble HQ have decided it would be a superb idea for Coloradans to have their own meetup! We will be planning a small party at a local Art & Tattoo Gallery in Denver where you’ll have a chance to put a face (and maybe give a hug) to a Redbubble member, view some amazing Redbubble artworks on show and open the door for future Redbubble meetups!

So when is this incredible gathering of awesomeness happening? On December 7th. In two very short weeks. Besides having the opportunity to meet local Colorado RB artists, we will have a top Customer Service team member there to assist with any questions you might …

The Street Art of Ivan Allende

On a bustling Thursday afternoon during our recent visit to Melbourne, Heidi and I ventured out in the CBD in search of a culinary delight. I don’t recall what we ate, but I do have fond recollection of our meeting with local street artist Ivan Allende.

Right in the midst of the lunchtime bustle of busy Swanston Street, we found Ivan seated on a milk crate, happily creating spraypainted works of Rock ’n’ Roll fan art. In an interesting example of recycling, artists Ivan Allende and his brother use old vinyl records as the canvas for their painted stencil works. After spending the past few years travelling around Australia sharing their art, the Chilean-born pair have now made their home in Melbourne with their families.

Ivan told us that perhaps one day he’ll consider exploring ot…

LA1: A Meetup & A Challenge!

Works by Shannon Flores, FlagSilhouettes, dave reynolds, Julian Escardo, Yohann Paranavitana, Azzurra, steveberlin, and LoveringArts

Following in our own footsteps of SF1, we’re continuing the fun and bringing another artist meetup, art show, and a challenge your way! Whether you live anywhere near The City of Angels or not, there’s a way for you to get involved and bring more totally awesome design to Redbubble t-shirts.

So, here’s the details: Coming this December 13th, 2012, we’ll be partnering with American Apparel to hold an artist meetup and t-shirt design display at their headquarters and showroom in Los Angeles, CA. The LA Art Walk will be happening the same night, so it will be a big bonanza of all types of art on display at a variety of galleries …

Exhibitions to Catch: Caravaggio

If you’re in Los Angeles between now and March 2013, you can’t go wrong by stopping by The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to catch the exhibition “Bodies and Shadows: Caravaggio and His Legacy”.

The exhibit features the works of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, the uniqueness of his personality and lifestyle, and the ways in which both influenced his own works as well as the works of so many other great artists of his time, right through to modern times.

The exhibition consists of 56 works in total, inclusive of 8 works by the great artist himself, and works by twenty artists from Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands who continued to work in his distinctive style of intense lighting and precise renderings of detail.

“Bodies and Shadows” is currently showing at the LACMA f…

Meerkats Infest RB Melbourne

A few months ago a heinous act of vandalism was committed upon our resident creative-at-large Ed’s desk at RB Melbourne HQ. For those who don’t know, Ed is deathly afraid of meerkats. Additionally, he finds them abhorrent and generally in poor taste. As creatures. So this attack provoked his disgust, as well as some psychological disturbance. As of yet the culprit is still at large.

Even more disturbing, the perpetrator came back. And left just one wee, yet extremely mocking, meerkat stuck to the top of Ed’s monitor. Is this meant to be a menacing message? Is he watching…and waiting? Or is he just meant as a reminder that you may de-meerkat your desk, but they Always.Come.Back.

Stay tuned for further developments in the Melbourne Mystery of the Meerkats.

Photo Mission: Share Your Walk to Work

The Crimson Crusader and I are visiting Redbubble HQ in Melbourne for a few days and among so many other things, this means that it’s “walk to work day” for us everyday that we’re here.

For me that means a considerably longer walk than my usual ten steps from my bedroom to my home office, and for The Crimson One it means a very pleasant stroll compared to her usual hour’s drive on a crowded freeway in South Bay traffic.

As my mornings at home usually involve lots of rushing and not much opportunity to slow down to savour the visual world around me, my visits to Melbourne always signal a time for me to take a moment to let my feet wander a little and allow my eyes to go wherever they want to go.

Today I decided that it was “take a photo on the way to work day.”…

NaNoWriMo Challenge - Week Three!

It’s halfway through the month, which means your typing fingers are probably getting a bit cramped and tired but your word count is likely getting heftier by the day. No matter how close or far way you are to your goal, the fact that you’re writing new material right now is simply awesome and worth celebrating.

But for those of you in it for personal satisfaction and creative fulfillment AND because you happen to have a few competitive bones in your body, we’ve got a new challenge for you this week and a whole new prize. And here you go:

Week 3: In the Home Stretch
-Entry: Send a copy of your Table of Contents, or a few chapter titles if that’s what you’ve got, from your work-in-progress to
-Prize: Fresh writing supplies, because even if

NaNoWriMo Challenge - Week Two!

work by by SheilaM

How’s it going, writers? We saw that quite a few of you registered on NaNoWriMo and shared your profile IDs with us, so now you have your own personal cheering section right here! It’s really not to late to enter if you haven’t already: you write your stories and novels on your own home computer and just log in to update your word count on your NaNoWriMo profile. They go by the honor system, and so do we! In fact, some of us are playing catch-up on our own novels-in-progress.

Pleased as punch to announce Week One’s winner of the Evernote Moleskine notebooks: ValeriesGallery. She’s writing a Young Adult fiction novel, and we hope to see it in bookstores one day soon.

There are 3 weeks left, and a new inspirational prize each week. Meeting fe…

Community Curators Celebrate Day of the Dead

It’s ironic how one celebration could bring your Community Curators together from different parts of the world. From San Francisco to Toowoomba to Denver to Tasmania.

One day while standing around the proverbial water cooler, we decided to challenge ourselves to a bit of face painting. But not just any face painting, a Day of the Dead face painting.

So here we go. Please say hello to your Community Curators.

The Scarlet Samurai, Jen

The Crimson Crusader, Heidi

The Magenta Marauder, Rosemary

The Ruby Raven, Rhana

Writers! We Challenge You to NaNoWriMo

Works by Garry Gay, snehit, WinonaCookie, & waxyfrog

We were just reminded over here at Redbubble Community Curators HQ, that National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo), starts this week. Several of us on the Community team with a pile of unfinished stories or novel plans gathering dust in a corner somewhere, were inspired to sign on this year, and we thought our writers on the site might want to join us.

Nothing like a challenge to give a little extra motivation. So here’s the plan: each week the month of November, we’ll offer a NaNoWriMo-related task for you to do which will also serve as your entry requirements. You’ll just have to email proof that you completed the task to and then be entered into a random drawing to win a different …

Redbubble Goes Galactic!

Can you tell a Cylon Raider from a Viper Mark II? Do you know the name of the 13th colony? If so, you’ll also know the two amazing ladies that have had the Redbubble calendar printers working overtime, sending the internets into a spin, and turning Mr Baxter’s ears a very curious shade of pink: Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica fame.

The power of these women is strong. After all, Howard Wolowitz very nearly ended his engagement to Bernadette for his bath time rendevous with Katee Sackhoff.

I think it’s also fair to say that Lorne Greene’s Commander Adama would probably be turning in his galactic grave to see a Cylon and a Starbuck appearing on the same Redbubble calendar pages smiling together!

Nathan Fillion was so excited about it he tweeted it to all of hi…

Dare to Fail

You’ll have noticed the title of this post is not “Aim to fail,” or “Seek to fail.”  In daring to fail we create with the hopes of success, with the full knowledge and acceptance that we may end up falling flat on our face. 

In the interests of self and possibly world (why not think big!) betterment, I’d like to suggest we make this “Dare to Fail” week here on RB.  

works by ambientdreams, Rachmat Lianda, joykolitsky and Eric Fan  

Daring to fail is by no means a new concept, and in fact a lot of people do so without even realising they are doing it.  On the other hand there are those of us who are so deathly afraid to fail that we stick exclusively to what we know we are good at, those tried and tested formulas that are guaranteed …

A Spooktacular Instagram Challenge!

Attention, ghouls and boos. Halloween is nigh upon us and we’d be delighted if you would share your best Halloween photos with us, taken and shared through the wonderful medium that is Instagram. Be they scary, spooky, cute, or fun – get them to us in just three easy steps: point and click your smartphone, edit as you see fit, and tag with #rbhalloween. This will make it automagically appear on the Redbubble Facebook page. Download Instagram here for iPhone and here for Android if you don’t already have it.

Enter as many times as you wish, with as many different styles and themes as you wish. The beauty of Instagram is that you can radically change the look of your photos to achieve different effects by using the app’s bult-in filters: black and white, fish eye, s…

It's iPod Day: Celebrate the Joys of Music

Featured works by Midori Furze, Andi Bird, deduced, Johdie Fairweather, Sarah Mac, Ralphy, Mindy Nguyen and finnos  

On October 23rd, 2001 Apple announced their newest product, the iPod. Since that day eleven years ago, over 350,000,000 ipods have reportedly made their way into the lives of the musically inclined.

Music is an essential part of daily life for a great many people. It feeds our soul, takes us to happy and calm places, transports us to other worlds of fantasy, stimulates our creativity or helps to feed our ire.

For me, my iPod is an essential part of my creative process. The moment those buds go into my ears, a flood of inspiration fills my head. I have lots of scrawled notes all over the house from moments that I’ve rushed to put the ideas down on pa…

Where did my mojo go go?

It happens to us all at one time or another, our creative mojo just gets up and go go’s and it can seem that no matter how hard we look for it, we simply can’t find it. The words won’t flow from our pens, our paintbrushes sit in the corner mocking us, every click of our camera fails with a nasty and wrong sounding clack. Inspiration becomes a four letter word we dare not whisper in polite company.

works by Bumchkin, Loui Jover, Rouble Rust and Lisa Marie Robinson

A couple of months ago after searching behind my favourite chair, in the back of the freezer behind the frozen trout my son caught recently, and several other unlikely places I thought my mojo might enjoy hanging out in, I became firmly convinced that it had instead taken a permanent holiday to Upper Mongol…

That's a wrap!

Greetings! Just wanted to be sure you feasted your eyes on the Community Curators’ first edition of Weekly Wrap. That’s right, we wrote it and will continue to do our best to cull this corner of the crater for new happenings from our considerable talent pool here. Feel free to send us tips on things like yourself (or a friend) having an exhibition, winning a prize, being featured in a magazine, hosting an event, etc., via Bubblemail. We’ll read ’em!

Also, we hear Mr Baxter has stopped pouting and is getting busy again posting his always-hilarious and oft-strange Buyer’s Booth journals, so do us a favor, and help us keep an eye on him, will you?

Lastly, voting is now open for entries for our SF1 Poster Challenge, so please do go put in your votes. It’s g…

Assorted Odds & Ends

Our awesome developer team here at Redbubble have been busy lately making this weird and wacky corner of the Interwebz more awesome, and it’s time to give their work its due. I mean, they’re not the basement worker trolls everyone assumes they are, they’re real people too. With feelings!

Following Feed Hover Madness

So first up, a couple weeks ago we launched a fun and informative addition to the images that appear in your Following feed. If you’ve ever wondered how those images got into your Feed in the first place, wonder no more. Hovering your mouse over each image reveals an icon that shows whether the work is a Favorite, New Work or a Group Feature. The avatar next to this icon is the person/group that you are following or a member of the group that caused this image to appear in you…

A Party & A Poster

Mr. Baxter almost spilled the beans (see what I just did there?) and prematurely announced this, but we convinced him to wait in exchange for another guest blog spot. More like threatened him with having to write another blog post, but you know how he is. Wily and unpredictable.

Back to the business of being awesome. Our next challenge has officially started and it’s a good one…full of guts, glory, and good times. The short of it is this: we’re throwing that epic party in San Francisco that we hinted about in our first blog post (details on that coming very soon) and we want to tap into all the wondrous talent here and ask you to design the event poster.

Find all the details on our SF1 Poster Challenge page here.

Can’t wait to see your entries!



Greetings, people of the Bubble! Mr. Baxter here…I’ve hijacked the account of these so-called “Community Curators” (if they’re now curators, then I suppose I’m meant to have been demoted to museum coat check clerk) who have been busy sorting through your dozens (ok, maybe just the one baker’s dozen) of entries and it’s been enlightening to say the least. I now have a pretty good idea of how some of you view the Redbubble community and it’s a bit disturbing: either we’re an endless, nattering, drunken hen party, a gaggle of knee-flashing old ladies, fat jolly elves, or ancient stone people who like to dance around in a circle whilst hugging each other. We have our own idea of what you lot look like too and it’s something like this:

Now that we’ve all gotten so much better acquainted…

Share a cuppa with RB!

I’ve been having a fun chat offsite with some dear Redbubble friends about getting together for a coffee, despite the fact that we’re in vastly different geographic locations. Far be it from an RB member to let a silly thing like country, the globe or galactic neighbourhood come between them and a shared cuppa.

So, in the spirit of a shared love of the bean and our love of spending time with our friends, come join our virtual cafe. Coffee afficionados, tea lovers, hot chocolate fanciers….. it doesn’t matter what you drink, it’s all good when it’s shared with a friend.

Charge your cups!
Rosemary – the Magenta Marauder

I’ll be having my cuppa in my fave cup. Do you like the red bubbles?

Introductions & A Challenge!

Welcome to the brand-new Community team profile page! This is the first step in Redbubble’s exciting new plans for increasing the ways our wonderful community of artists engages and interacts with us and each other…both here and in the real world.

I’m Heidi, the new lead of the community team. I bring with me a pretty diverse background of communities I’ve managed professionally, in the industries of gaming, digital advertising, virtual worlds, and e-commerce. There is a common thread that unites all the work I’ve done, which is that at the end of the day, I care most about making the platform I’m working on the most engaging and compelling experience possible. It also helps that I get a serious buzz from coming up with the most creative and innovative ways to inspire people to conn…