Best wishes for the holidays!

I awoke at five am this morning, and bounced out of bed to greet the day. I’d only had 3 hours of sleep after staying up late into the night working on a new artwork. I should have been so tired, but not today. Not this day. Today is Christmas Eve, and for me it’s always been the happiest day of the year.

Christmas Eve means unbridled excitement as we count down the hours until Santa arrives. Thanks to Norad, we can do that in real time. At our house it means silent, secretive rendevous with my Husband as we try to wrap the gifts without the boys catching us.
It’s 2 boisterous boys racing up and down the hall giggling with excitement with the realisation that Santa will be here soon. It means planned booby traps around the Christmas tree in the hope of catching the big man in the act. They haven’t caught him yet, and I’ve assured them that he has special booby-trap-avoidance-magic, but, you never do know. Perhaps one day we’ll awake to find Santa strung up in the tree like some big red beetle caught in my children’s fiendish web.

We have a Christmas Eve tradition in our family. It involves Mariah Carey and dancing boys. Every year the boys find Mariah on youtube and dance like crazy things. Because you know, no-one does “All I Want For Christmas” quite like Mariah!

These little moments of dancing mayhem always brings us such great joy that I’d like to share a video that we captured a couple of years ago.

As Team Community wish you all a very happy and peaceful holiday, we hope the New Year brings prosperity to you all, and we’re so looking forward to seeing 2013 with each and every one of you.

Do you have your own family Christmas traditions? Is there something that seems particular to just your family at Christmas time? We’d love it if you shared with us. Please feel free to add your own photos or videos into the comments below, as we share the Holiday spirit with our Redbubble family.

I’m off now to make sure we have Tim-Tams and a Brandy for Santa…

Warmest wishes for a happy holiday and new year,
Heidi, Jen, Rhana, and Rosemary – (procurer of cute dancing christmas videos)

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