Photo Mission: Share Your Walk to Work

The Crimson Crusader and I are visiting Redbubble HQ in Melbourne for a few days and among so many other things, this means that it’s “walk to work day” for us everyday that we’re here.

For me that means a considerably longer walk than my usual ten steps from my bedroom to my home office, and for The Crimson One it means a very pleasant stroll compared to her usual hour’s drive on a crowded freeway in South Bay traffic.

As my mornings at home usually involve lots of rushing and not much opportunity to slow down to savour the visual world around me, my visits to Melbourne always signal a time for me to take a moment to let my feet wander a little and allow my eyes to go wherever they want to go.

Today I decided that it was “take a photo on the way to work day.” I’m someone who is convinced that there are a thousand photographic subjects right there in front of us if we just open our eyes to the possibility of seeing the beauty in everything, right down to the most mundane of objects.

Like this piece of the pavement. How many thousands of feet have walked that very same path? Taken those very same steps down Russell Street? Yet, today, I found this to be beautiful with its contrasting shapes, and cool tones.

Then there’s this back door entrance to a Melbourne club at the bottom of an alley. I couldn’t care less about the club, what caught my attraction was that amazing green, and the red pipes and writing. They’d also very kindly left a keg outside the door. Such a cool bonus!

Now, it’s your turn. We have an exciting mission for you. If you should choose to accept the challenge, we’d like to know what you see on your way to work. If you don’t walk, that’s OK. Whether you hike, bike, drive, fly, float, bus or tram, if it gets you there we’d love to see what you see on your daily journey.

Grab your camera, and get going. Don’t feel you need to use a fancy camera. I set myself a personal challenge to only use my phone camera on this trip. Take some photos of your morning commute and come and post them here for us all to enjoy. If there’s a great story that goes with it, all the better! We’d love to hear it.

The Magenta Marauder signing out and looking forward to my walk home.


  • Mui-Ling Teh
    Mui-Ling Tehover 1 year ago

    Don’t know if I ever took any interesting photos on my way to work, but I have taken plenty on my way to class… while on an exchange in Rome :P – that sort of place you’ll find something interesting anywhere – especially if class on that day is taking place in a site

    As mentioned in the description of my work however, I was running late, and really should have kept running but… long story… its all said in the link :P

  • Wow…. I’d be so happy to be running late if it mean going to through that every day! Class, what class? – Rosemary

    – Redbubble Community Team

  • Mui-Ling Teh
    Mui-Ling Tehover 1 year ago

    I take it back; I have seen and taken a picture of something I saw on the way to work once; not pretty but catches you attention:


  • Actually I think the Pepto Bismol train is rather pretty! And it should be good if you have travel sickness issues ;-) – Rosemary

    – Redbubble Community Team

  • Redbubble Community  Team
    Redbubble Comm...over 1 year ago

    I can’t get over all the awesome, and random street art that’s literally everywhere in Melbourne. Even the architecture, street layout, and building entrances are very unique and artistic.

    Like these hanging terrariums outside a tucked away Spanish bar in the CBD:

    And this alley right next to Redbubble HQ which has new street murals painted on a constantly rotating basis. Love the tribute to Heath Ledger too:

    And then I accidentally took a picture of my foot while in the act of walking, but it came out cool, so there you go:

  • This was from me, by the way! – Heidi

    – Redbubble Community Team

  • I love the hanging terrariums Heidi! That’s a very cool idea. Also love your zoomy feet…… must have been in a hurry to get to work that day :) – Rosemary

    – Redbubble Community Team

    JUSTARTover 1 year ago

    When travelling to work with my bike I captured these sheeps

  • Sylvia that’s gorgeous!! How beautiful that you ride through a peaceful scene like that on your way to work. – Rosemary

    – Redbubble Community Team

  • wolftinz
    wolftinzover 1 year ago

    Not exactly a walk to work since I’m retired, but I’ve been driving around the local country side Searching out an Architectural style unique to our area. Check out my blog if you have some time, it has a teaser photo of architectural detail . A collection will come at a later date.

  • Ooh, that sounds exciting! Good luck in your search for your unique local style :) – Rosemary

    – Redbubble Community Team

  • berndt2
    berndt2over 1 year ago

    I don’t walk on the upper level most days, and the Olympics Rings are sadly no longer there, but I do pass through London’s St Pancras every day on my way to work


    But even if I don’t walk through, I still get to enjoy its exterior

  • Gorgeous I hope you take a moment to enjoy all the beauty of London on your way to work. When you’re not planning your next Premiere night, or plotting the downfall of yellow cap guy of course :-) -Rosemary

    – Redbubble Community Team

  • Mui-Ling Teh
    Mui-Ling Tehover 1 year ago

    Oh but the Rome scene would’ve much easier to enjoy if I wasn’t running late! I could’ve slowed down! The course was about Roman culture and history.

    You make a good point there about my Pepto Bismol train image though :o)

  • Jen Wahl
    Jen Wahlover 1 year ago

    Well, I was out on a work related errand today and saw a billiards… there was an organic pizza place nearby and I was so very, very tempted ;)

  • That’s a very cool shot Jen. I’m not sure about the giant Tarantula though. As if the normal sized ones aren’t big enough, this place had to go and put a couple of gargantuan ones on the wall….. I’m not sure that’d help to get me into the building, just quietly. Actually it’d be more a case of very loudly running from the building, arms flailing, screaming incoherently about giant arachnids from space or other such lunacy…….. did someone say pizza? – Rosemary

    – Redbubble Community Team

  • Rhana Griffin
    Rhana Griffinover 1 year ago

    My walk to work from kitchen bench to loungeroom is fairly uneventful – except on the odd occasion when a lounge chair jumps out to trip me up – but I did recently have the opportunity to experience a real commute while in San Francisco. After a hair raising ride on the double decker Caltrain, I was stoked to stumble across the birthplace of one of my favourite writers, Jack London.