NaNoWriMo Challenge - Week Three!

It’s halfway through the month, which means your typing fingers are probably getting a bit cramped and tired but your word count is likely getting heftier by the day. No matter how close or far way you are to your goal, the fact that you’re writing new material right now is simply awesome and worth celebrating.

But for those of you in it for personal satisfaction and creative fulfillment AND because you happen to have a few competitive bones in your body, we’ve got a new challenge for you this week and a whole new prize. And here you go:

Week 3: In the Home Stretch
-Entry: Send a copy of your Table of Contents, or a few chapter titles if that’s what you’ve got, from your work-in-progress to
-Prize: Fresh writing supplies, because even if you’re a laptop jockey, you’ll need some good pens to edit your finished work. You’ll get a box of Schneider Slider Memo XB Ballpoint Pens, plus a copy of the writing software Scrivener

Also worth mentioning is that our friends at NaNoWriMo are having their Donation Derby right now to help keep their non-profit organization up and running. We love helping out a good cause, so thought we’d pass on the word in case you wanted to help them out AND get your region of writers some cool prizes. Go here for more info as well as to find cash-free ways to donate.

Best of luck, you budding literary elite.

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