Spotlight on Groups - Altered Art - Collage and Assemblage

It’s time to put a Spotlight on another fantastic Redbubble group! When considering all of the many incredibly talented, passionate and awesome groups on Redbubble there is one that stood out in particular for us this month.

This group focuses on a genre that is difficult to master, and often dismissed by the uninformed as appropriate only in the realm of the kindergarten classroom. Let me assure you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. This group takes the art of Collage and Assemblage to a whole new level.

So, without further ado, we would like to award this month’s “Spotlight on Groups” to:

Altered Art – Collage and Assemblage

works by Jeff Kingston, Robyn Lee, Kanchan Mahon, Suzanne Carter,
Lawrence Alfred Powell, Donna Catanzaro, Mariska and Adamkissel

Here’s what the host of Altered Art – Collage and Assemblage has to say about the group :

It’s really my pleasure to be the host of this wonderful group, which now has over 500 members who send me stunning works!

Selecting the Features once a month is difficult because each artist sends works of such good quality that the selection becomes very complicated.

A few months ago I became the host and have a lot of respect for the rules that formed this group. It is very interesting to see the differences (both big and small) compared with other groups that work with similar topics, and these subtleties have made me learn as an artist too.

I respect and admire my beloved artists, who every day send me their works to be moderated and I am very grateful for their efforts.

works by ANewKindOfWater, Loui Jover, Maraia, Seamless,
Winona Cookie, Andrew Nawroski, Babibell and Antaratma Images

We send a collective high five and a ginormous thank you to the host, Teresita Troya.

All groups featured in our monthly spotlights will receive a $100 Redbubble voucher code to use however you wish within your group. Throw your biggest, most exciting challenge yet or buy some group swag – the choice is yours, but we know you’™ll continue to do great things for your group.

~Team Community


  • - nawroski -
    - nawroski -12 months ago

    How brilliant to have another fantastic group that I am a proud member of spotlighted!
    congratulations Tere~ I look forward to seeing your monthly features & entering into your challenges.

    A big well done from me for having a fabulous group of talented collage artists…

  • Suzanne  Carter
    Suzanne Carter12 months ago

    Thanks Teresita for the amazing jobs that you do curating this group. You always leave such positive and encouraging comments on our artwork. thanks for all you do xo

  • Tere Troya
    Tere Troya12 months ago

    Wow ! This is fantastic ! Thanks so much for the Spotlight !!!

    Everyone on my beloved group it deserves a round of applause !

    Thanks for your lovely comments Andrew and Suzanne !

  • WinonaCookie
    WinonaCookie12 months ago

    Such an amazing group of artists, I’m so proud to have been featured! Thanks so much to everyone xoxo.

  • Tere Troya
    Tere Troya12 months ago

    I´m so happy for all of us ! Congrats Winona !

  • Maraia
    Maraia12 months ago

    I can’t believe one of my images has been selected to represent the achievements of this group!!! I’m most flattered and grateful! but my biggest congratulations go to the hosts of the group for theirs is the spirit and direction which has set the spotlight onto all of us.

  • Tere Troya
    Tere Troya12 months ago

    You deserve it Maraia !! As your host I´m so happy for all of us !

  • tori yule
    tori yule12 months ago

    A huge congratulations, Teresita, for being chosen by Rb on their Spotlight for Groups. The work in your group is fabulous and close to my heart. Congratulations to all the artists who work has been featured here. This is very exciting!!

  • Tere Troya
    Tere Troya12 months ago

    Thanks so much Tori for your kind words! All the Artists of the group are really amazing!

  • Bec Schopen
    Bec Schopen11 months ago

    I love this group.