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Spotlight On Groups - Light in the Darkness

It’s our great pleasure to put a Spotlight on another fantastic Redbubble group!

Every month we sit back and have a look-see at what awesomeness the groups on Redbubble are up to. This month we’ve come across amazing hosts who dedicate their time and passion into creating amazing communities full of inspiration and creativity.

So without further ado please join us in congratulating this months “Spotlight on Groups” to:

Light in the Darkness

Works by Anna Ewa Miarczynska, lamiel, Tarrby, Janis Zroback,
Michael Haslam, Evelina Kremsdorf, Ignz, and Carmen Ene

We send a collective high five and thank you to both of the hosts, leapdaybride and Sally Omar and talented members of “Light in the Darkness”. Please stop by their group and congratulate them on their win!

Works by Titus Toledo, Bunny Clarke, Rastaman, jlv-,
Scott Mitchell, Antony Pratap, Anne Staub, and Mike Waldron

All groups featured in our monthly spotlight will receive a $100 Redbubble voucher code to use however you wish, within your group. Throw your biggest, most exciting challenge yet or buy some group swag – the choice is yours! Thank you to everyone for making our Redbubble Community awesome!

-Team Community

Journal Comments

  • ©Janis Zroback
  • F.A. Moore
  • Ingrid Beddoes
  • titus toledo
  • Beatrice Cloake
  • Cindy Schnackel
  • Mike  Waldron
  • Ann  Warrenton
  • Evelina Kremsdorf