Spotlight on Groups : Art At Its Best

It’s my great pleasure to put a Spotlight on another fantastic Redbubble group!

I was recently having fun choosing random RB groups to explore and this one immediately jumped out at me for the quality of the beautiful works within its gallery. Page upon page of color and creativity was such a joy that I immediately knew it had to be the the focus of our next Spotlight on Groups.

I shan’t keep you guessing any further. Please join me in congratulating Art At Its Best for their Spotlight!

Art At Its Best

works by Elisabetta Trevisan, Monica Blatton, Anna Ewa Miarczynska, Annika Hiltunen,
Heidi Erisman, GittiArt, Tank and Lora Garcelon

Here is what the host of Art At Its Best has to say about her group:

What hosting Art At Its Best means to me:

When I was 10 years old my wicked step mother gave away my precious English Cocker Spaniel, Sandy, who had been my best friend since I was 5 years old. I drew pictures of him for weeks afterward, and taped them to my bedroom wall. All through high school, living the angst of teenage life, I not only drew and doodled all over the covers of my notebooks, but also wrote poetry.

I tell you this so you can see that I truly understand the creative needs of the artist. Art is an outlet for expressing emotions, for telling stories, for healing and for sharing an artist’s gift with the world. I take great joy in viewing, moderating and featuring the artwork of the talented artists in this very special group, Art At Its Best.

I am in awe of the variety of styles, tools and media used by our versatile artists. The boundless energy with which they create their paintings, drawings, sculpture and pyrography is evident in their work.

I generally use themes to put up features, but also do a Host’s Choice for those works that have not fit into recent themes but are very deserving of being featured. From abstract to photo realism, from pointillism to expressionism, they are all represented in this special group to view and of course to purchase to enjoy forever in your home!

Heather Friedman, host

works by Veikko Suikkanen, Cathy Gilday, Beatrice Cloake, Regina Valluzzi,
Ellen Marcus, Katherine Thomas, StressieCat and Sundayink

We send a collective high five and an enormous thank you to both of the hosts, Heather Friedman and Angela L. Walker.

All groups featured in our monthly spotlight will receive a $100 Redbubble voucher code to use however you wish within your group. Throw your biggest, most exciting challenge yet or buy some group swag – the choice is yours, but we know you’™ll continue to do great things for your group.

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