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Spotlight on Groups: Look Down! - The World Beneath Our Feet

It’s time to put a Spotlight on another fantastic Redbubble group! In considering all of the many incredibly talented, passionate and awesome groups on Redbubble, there is one that stood out in particular for us this month.

These hosts run their group by fostering group spirit and inspiring their members. They recognize members for their great works and offer them acknowledgment in the way of regular features and kudos, which they share with their entire group community.

So, without further ado, we would like to award this month’s “Spotlight on Groups” to:

Look Down! – The World Beneath Our Feet

Works by Shehan Fernando, Heather Crough, Mieke Boynton, Laurie Minor
Pete Baglia, PB-SecretGarden, Robyn Williams and Jay Taylor

Here’s what the hosts of Look Down! – The World Beneath Our Feet have to say about their group:

Look Down!… is a group that showcases the ground… it’s that simple. Floors! We walk upon them daily, be they natural, man-made, smooth, or textured They’re all over the place. The way that they wear away with each step, collect grime, age, catch the light in different ways and change colour if it’s raining means that although our specific genre is quite narrow, the work that we receive certainly is not. We like to feature shots that are unusual, inspiring, and simply beautiful. Our gallery shows that even the dullest of surfaces can be captured in a refreshing light.

On a deeper level, the group’s not only about photographing tarmac, it’s about seeing the world in a different way. This involves getting closer to the ground’s textures than you normally would and looking at it from a different angle, then readjusting your focus and generally using your eye in a different way. If you can do this whilst looking down, you can do it wherever you look!

I’d like to say a big thank you to Wendy Brusca ( Vertigoimages ) who helped me to get this group off the ground and on to a computer and to Karen Betts ( klsmile ), who has helped to push the group forward and to make it more people focused. Thanks to all of our members, whose work never fails to impress me and inspire me to push my own photography forward, to our “members to be” for taking the time to potentially try something new, and for the Community Curators, who have taken our small and maybe even quirky group and put us under the spotlight for others to see.
Host Celia Strainge

Works by Yannik Hay, Nishant Kuchekar, handyandypandy, Barbara Brown
debidabble, Matthew Floyd, Bob Christopher and michael scott

We send a collective high five and a ginormous thank you to both of the hosts,
Celia Strainge and Karen Betts.

All groups featured in our monthly spotlights will receive a $100 Redbubble voucher code to use however you wish within your group. Throw your biggest, most exciting challenge yet or buy some group swag – the choice is yours, but we know you’™ll continue to do great things for your group.

~Team Community (Heidi, Jen & Rosemary)


  • Mieke Boynton
    Mieke Boyntonover 1 year ago

    Huge congratulations to Celia and Karen!! I must admit, when they launched this group (and spread the word about it), I was thinking “What a brilliant idea!!” I spend a significant amount of time in strange poses on (or very close to) the ground with a camera jammed against my eye, and it’s wonderful to have a “home” for all of these photos to go to!

    Terrific selection, Heidi, Jen and Rosemary!!!

  • Carol Dumousseau
    Carol Dumousseauover 1 year ago

    Wow! Delighted to be part of this group, congrats to the hosts.

  • Laurie Minor
    Laurie Minorover 1 year ago

    Way to go team!! :)))

  • Wendy Brusca
    Wendy Bruscaover 1 year ago

    How awesome is this?
    Celia and Karen, congrats to you both. Wonderful and well deserved recognition!

  • TomBaumker
    TomBaumkerover 1 year ago

    CONGRATULATIONS to everyone ! Very nice work !

  • Celia Strainge
    Celia Straingeover 1 year ago

    Thank you everyone! Karen and I are just working out the best way to use the $100 prize, so keep your eyes open for more information. Congratulations to all of our members, looking forward to receiving more stunning work in to the group : D

  • debidabble
    debidabbleover 1 year ago

    Great write up and congrats to a great group and it’s members!

  • Yannik Hay
    Yannik Hayover 1 year ago

    Wonderful recognition! Congratulations to you both Celia and Karen for your work and the originality of the group.
    And I am very honoured to have my photo chosen!
    Congratulations to all :)

  • RVogler
    RVoglerover 1 year ago

    Congrats to Celia & Karen, for your much deserved recognition! Thank you for your on-going supportive words and untiring dedication to this group. I am a proud to be a member, thanks again for all your hard work! Congrats to all artists featured in the spotlight, well done :)

  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylorover 1 year ago

    Bravo to Celia and Karen, our illustrious hostesses :o) I am delighted that a piece of my downard-gazing portfolio has been included here – one of my favourites at that! Well done to all the group members… :o) Jay