Everybody Foldify!

Do you remember the elementary school days of wrapping your tiny mitts around those crazy fat crayons and folding construction paper this way and that, pouring half a container of Elmer’s glue onto it and then….VIOLA, it’s a turkey! Or some sort of papier mache creature that you happily raced home with and guarded with your life. You were Indiana Jones bringing back ancient treasure. Then you whipped your priceless art from behind your back to amaze and astound your family with, who after a few quizzical looks, finally took a hesitant guess as to just what exactly you had conjured. Those were the days.

A dear friend of mine, knowing my delight at all things small and paper-ish, sent me a link to a new type of creation called:


Foldify is a brilliant little app for iPad created by Pixie. I’m still waiting for the iPhone or Mac version, but it’s probably a good thing for me that it’s not yet available or I wouldn’t get anything done. You would eventually find me buried under a rapidly-growing collection of folded cars, people, plants, and superheroes. And then a few more superheroes!

I highly suggest you check it out and if you don’t have an iPad, you can always find some available six year old who might be willing to let you borrow theirs for the price of a miniature motorcar. An infinitesimally small price to pay to create small boxy versions of yourself!

And speaking of fancy folding thingies, we just today gave away an adorable, foldable robot named Graham on our Facebook page to celebrate an important milestone: reaching 100,000 fans of our page. Go check it out, or if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can download the robot here.

We want to see your Foldify creations and Bubblebots! Post your photos in the comments!

Jen, The Scarlet Samurai

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