Spotlight On Groups: Solo Exhibition

To kick off our first ever “Spotlight on Groups” feature, we had to consider the incredibly talented, passionate and many awesome groups on Redbubble. We have some of the most dedicated hosts found across the globe! Hosts who have put their hearts into making their groups the absolute best on Redbubble. We began this process by looking at the word “spotlight’” – just what does that mean?

Our own team has been hosting groups here on Redbubble for years, having had the pleasure of being a part of a great many groups, and one group stood out especially.

These hosts run their group with consistency and positivity. They recognize their members for their works and offer them acknowledgment in the way of galleries and kudos which they share with their entire group community.

So, without further adieu, we would like to award this month’s “Spotlight on Groups” to:

Solo Exhibition

works by Fern Blacker, Victoria Stanway, donnamalone, Beatrice Cloake
N.A.P.A, Valerie Rosen, Sue Ratcliffe, Helenka and AlineGason Aline

Here’s what the hosts of Solo Exhibition have to say about their group :

“I founded Solo Exhibition in July of 2009 to showcase special art and photography in virtual solo exhibitions. The goal has always been to make the virtual experience a more lively and complete one. From exhibitions to workshops, there is always something happening during Solo Exhibition’s events season. The group started the first art review magazine publication for Redbubble groups (Inside Solo). Over its first three seasons, it has sponsored 117 Solo Exhibitions, 9 online workshops, and 26 group exhibitions. These include Solo’€™s Juried Invitationals (SoJie), annual special events, and member-curated shows. Each exhibition is treated like a major gallery event, because in my mind each one is. These exhibitions and workshops have collectively garnered over 1.2 million views.

This year we will expand our off-site exhibitions, at, in order to broaden the opportunity to members, and sponsor more member-curated shows. Solo has plans that extend into the next several years, and we encourage interested parties to join and stay subscribed to our messages and bulletins. Solo is currently in prelaunch for the 2013 season. The 4th annual Host Hullabaloo, celebrating art and photography by hosts of RedBubble groups, kicks us off every year. It’€™s not too early to watch the topic, as hosts begin to build out their galleries, for opening day on March 1st."
-Frannie (F.A.) Moore

“I joined the Solo team as Graphics Coordinator in July of 2010. The idea behind the group is to showcase one artist during a week-long virtual gallery event. Banners are sent out to announce this event and you can come just to browse, or you can interact through comments and get to know the featured artist.

Just the idea that you could have your own Solo Exhibition invites you to up your game. This group asks you to really think about what you post. With hundreds of members and thousands of art works in our gallery, you can imagine that narrowing it down to who will hold a Solo showcase spot is very difficult. Besides showcases, Frannie has developed many ways for our members to participate and to showcase their own work. Check out these links to find out about our upcoming events:

Host Hullaballoo
SoMBa Galleries
SoJie Events
Solo Artists Index"

-Elizabeth Bravo

works by Loui Jover, Roz McQuillan, Nikolay Semyonov, Nikolay Semyonov
Headcrime, Angela L Walker, Richard Sunderland and Michele Filoscia

We send a collective high five and a ginormous thank you to Solo Exhibition, the hosts F.A.Moore, maxy, Elizabeth Bravo, and their members for being a creatively supportive presence in the Redbubble Community.

All groups featured in our monthly spotlights will receive a $100 Redbubble voucher code to use however you wish within your group. Throw your biggest, most exciting challenge yet or buy some group swag – the choice is yours, but we know you’™ll continue to do great things for your group.

~Team Community (Heidi, Jen & Rosemary)


  • Celia Strainge
    Celia Straingeover 1 year ago

    Congratulations to Frannie and Elizabeth! Well done, you put so much time and effort in to your group, I really don’t know how you do it! The group’s brilliant, it’s a credit to you. Congratulations also, to all of the artists who have been chosen to for their own Solo Exhibition, you should all be very proud of the work you produce.

  • Charlie Mclenahan
    Charlie Mclenahanover 1 year ago


  • Evita
    Evitaover 1 year ago

    Congratulations … well deserved !!!! ☺♥

  • Richard Sunderland
    Richard Sunder...over 1 year ago

    Many congrats to Team Solo Frannie and Elizabeth, you have brought so much visual knowledge together in Solo Exhibition. It is great to be a small part of this celebration of your successes and the work you are continuing to do, to showcase global art.

  • Susan  Kimball
    Susan Kimballover 1 year ago

    Big well deserved congrats to all involved with this wonderful group!!

  • F.A. Moore
    F.A. Mooreover 1 year ago

    This is great! Thank you so much Heidi, Jen, and Rosemary. Cheers to Team Community from Team Solo!

    A group is only as great as its members, and we have a truly exceptional membership base. I’m really pleased that you recognized a few of them with works, above: Richard Sunderland, Dorina Costras, Kurt (Headcrime), Roz McQuillan, Nikolay Semyonov, Beatrice Cloake, Angela Walker, Valerie Rosen, Donna Malone, Michele Filoscia, Loui Jover, Aline Gason, Helenka, Sue Ratcliffe, Victoria Stanway, and Fern Blacker. Congratulations to each of you!

    And there are so many more, about 2200 more to be exact. Membership includes the extremely talented and skilled; as well as meaningful group who are eager to take advantage of opportunities to challenge themselves in the company of accepting peers. This increases both skill and confidence, kind of like boot camp training, but soft.

    Thank you for this acknowledgement. Elizabeth and Maxy have been on the journey for most of the way and contributed immensely to the group. Others, including Richard Sunderland, Joanne Bradley, Beth Plastino (Izzybeth), and Linda Ridpath have worked as art and photography reviewer-writers for our Inside Solo publication.

    This group is a lot of fun for those who choose to participate. And there is so much to do. We’re just coming into our pre-season and excited currently about Host Hullabaloo, featuring the art of hosts of RedBubble. I’d like to provide a link, even though we are just now starting to set up. 4th Annual Host Hullabaloo

    If it’s like past years, we’ll eventually have 20-70,000 views, and we invite everyone who reads this blog to contribute to those, and even become a part of it. It’s not too late to join in.

    Thanks again, Team!


  • Loui  Jover
    Loui Joverover 1 year ago

    well deserved this is a fabulous group as are its hosts and i am more then honored to be mentioned and included in any way among such great company….thank you and congratulations

  • 242Digital
    242Digitalover 1 year ago

    This is really something… Congratulations from a newbie of this group ;-) – Jeremy

  • Randy Turnbow
    Randy Turnbowover 1 year ago

    Congrats Frannie and Elizabeth, well deserved I’m sure!

  • Dianne  Ilka
    Dianne Ilkaover 1 year ago

    Congratulations! It’s an awesome group to be a part of. I have grown so much as an artist over the last couple of years through participating in their workshops :) wonderful, encouraging people