Flesh by Teacup It's over... by Teacup Decay by Teacup Prudence… “1890” “La tristesse durera toujours” Out on a limb... by Teacup What's the time Mr Wolf by Teacup Raindrop Rose by Teacup Rage by Teacup And then the light came... by Teacup The story of the Fern and the Bromeliad  by Teacup Waiting... by Teacup Prudence “where is the orange hat” she asked… Glimpse of the moon by Teacup A handful of sparkling fun... by Teacup Stretched glow by Teacup Glow by Teacup Oceans of sky  by Teacup Cool Summer rain feather and down… Puddles joining the music of the cool, wet morning… Touch by Teacup Bursting forth by Teacup Fuck you… with a smile upon my dial… (Mature) Footprint fun... by Teacup Red wine and passion (Mature) Lets ride.... by Teacup Free spirit... by Teacup White heat… I have a rage burning within… / play it out on my skin, play in out on my mind… Let us speak no words… Let us speak with tongues trailing across skin… One brown the other smokey blue… My world is still spinning, each day never to be the same / for I looked into his eyes… Mantle of sorrow no more… She looked out across the vast expanse of ocean and with eyes of emerald green, watched as it gained height and distance… All burnt out!... end result of paperclay firing.. by Teacup The Burning... Stretch Festival, Mandurah 2009 by Teacup Textured... by Teacup Textured II by Teacup Sculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe 2008 by Teacup Flow by Teacup Alice continued her freefall into nothingnessR… Great flashes of purple, black, crimson and orange danced before her in a great swirl, getting faster and faster, as if they were building … Chickens! by Teacup Psychedelic Fireflies spinning through Alice̵… She hadn’t meant to fall… just to look… surely there was no harm in just wanting to look! See what all the fuss was abou… The Icarus Syndrome Today I felt the heat of the Icarus Syndrome… / Scorch marks leave a trail across my tender soul… I wait… I wait, as the morning mist hangs heavy over the dew laided dawn of day… Vessel of bitter seed Black night of raven wings / crept through the still hours before dawn / laying heavy and thick / blanketing all in its path Perspective - Harvey Dam by Teacup Heaven and Earth two souls connected across the divide of heaven and earth. / their lovemaking entwining them as one, it was not to be… Yesterday, tomorrow, today… In silence they flow for the what if’s / of the maybe’s It would be cornflakes every morning from now on&… she couldn’t stand it anymore… no more marmalade… she wanted cornflakes this morning!! / she wrapped her legs around him,… Starvation of our intellect interests beyond the latest gadgets / gizzmoes / flat screen / wide screen / Wii a life away Oceans deep The moment passed. Both stood still, aware that this was shared by another… The Photograph A lifeless form, still iridescent in its beauty but no longer able to dance through the breeze on its delicate wings… / and each time… Fuzz! by Teacup In the Spot Light!! by Teacup Shattered… As she held it in her palms it shattered into tiny pieces – jagged and sharp. Enraptured… his tongue dripping with a forgotten language of old…. / let yourself go… Peach Blossom Buzz by Teacup Evermore… a blank canvas… Technicoloured Teacup by Teacup Blossom by Teacup Undeveloped negative the snap shot of a life…. The Game JD never had the poker face of the others… DM Blur by Teacup Let it be… something to hug and hold close in those moments of wondering… / the sun and moon from chasing each other over the horizon… Promise Promise me we’ll never marry Decomposing... by Teacup Blue Iris by Teacup Waiting invisable strands of silk that spun and wove an intricate web… / the gossamer threads of his words held fast. The Purchase… Sarah- Jane looked in the shop window trying to decide which one she liked the most. Always best to window shop first before going in and b… The Headland She let the hair blow wild and free… / in anticipation of the warm embrace and love she would soon have… Bitter sweet of the silky smooth syrup… / gasping / moaning / grasping Bluey by Teacup Room enough for three... by Teacup I met a man today… His world was split in two… Chameleon me don’t notice me / don’t look at me I found a pebble on the beach today… dark and silky smooth to the touch… / I pondered on the question… Upon the horizon… Eyes held on the light… Why would you love me why would you love me / when I destroy all that is dear to me Scorched stay put / ride the flames / white hot tips licking around / mind / body / soul Ripped apart Every emotion left raw, exposed dripping / the venom of so much hate… Addicted It seemed so harmless, she would give it a try… Darkness.. The head fuck demons have the control… Glow of the Golden Wattle by Teacup Jonquills by Teacup
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