RB has created a monster!

I finally bought me a nice camera and went out yesterday taking shots around Circular Quay and the Opera House…

I had an absolute blast! Just walking around camera in hand, popping off shots as they presented themselves to me… it’s probably the most fun and sun I’ve had in a long time… lol! I think we’ve created a monster!

It’s all RB’s fault you know… I’ve seen so many gorgeous photos here that I just felt that I had to see if I could do anything even vaguely as nice… you lot have inspired me to no end… and sent me broke by buying this funky camera… hahaha!

Since joining up here, I’ve been taking a whole lot more notice of my surroundings – noting things that I’d love to get shots of and whatnot – it’s an addiction I tell you!!!

AND… I just saw that I’ve sold another card!!! THANK YOU so much to whoever bought it… I’m over the moon!


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