Alien Abduction- extended version

I have only four minutes before i get taken away , I don’t belong here, I belong with him…. he corrupted me in my youth with offers of jelly babies and a free ride into no where in particular.

My mother said, don’t talk to strangers but I couldn’t resist, couldn’t halt my growing obsession, he occupied my mind, with his wirey frame and sharpened wits , his sneer to the universal oppressors, beating their evil plans by skillful placement of his excessively long scarf , saving the day yet again.

As I grew older, missing his presence for just a long time, he returned, younger than I and becoming even younger after every death and rebirth.

He taught me how to be in this world, an outsider with an alien edge, fiiting in but not quite…… different, follow your own path, trust in your own strengths, be human… most of the time………and don’t walk away from challenges, face them with my own crazed manic grimance and do something completely unexpected.

I must go now and be ready for that alien doctor and dark blue box……even if I have watched this episode way too many times…..shaky scenes and the same old quarry…….. just got to love the Doctor

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  • John Douglas