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Fascinated and avid devotee of RedBubble, every little bit of it.
Enjoy snapping away but am far from RedBubble standard at this point.

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Need some help if possible??

Hello to all at Healthy living Support group. This is the first time I have made an entry but hope it will not be my last. / Couple of things I hope to get some advice on. / One being I am overweight and not happy bout that. / Two being I’m on a waiting list to have a hip replacement so not able to exercise too much. / Three being I love my munchies but try really hard not to eat and eat …
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a picture tells a thousand words.

Is someone able to help me out with this wee query pretty please? / Sometimes after writing my words and re-reading them I think it would be nice to have an accompanying art work. Now I know that in RBubbleland there is SO much wonderful talent maybe someone will be able to steer me in the right direction. / You gotta love this site and all the wonderful souls sharing with each other.
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Off line for a time

Hi to all. A wee note to let you know I have not forgotten my friends on the bubble, however things are kinda all over the place at present and will be for some time. I may be able to get to the bubble occassionally and am looking forward to all your wonderful works. / Take care of yourselves and be back with you soon / Kim
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Not around for awhile

Hi all you wonderful bubblers out there. Just want you know that for reasons way beyond my control, I won’t be around for awhile. NOT HAPPY JAN!!! Best wishes to you all. / Kim
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