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I need advice about a photo printer

I have been searching the web for a nice professional photo printer to purchase. I usually get my pictures developed somewhere else but would really like to be able to print from home for about the same price I pay to have them printed. I am not wanting to pay more than $600 for a good printer.

I cant seem to find a good site that helps me to decide which printer to get. When I come across one that seems good, I come across another page that says its not as good as the first. I am at a loss as to what to get.

I want to compare cost per print as well as printing speed and longevity of photo as well as print quality of course.

Does anyone know some good sites that will help me out or even better what type of printer they would suggest I buy.

I take a lot of Senior portraits and other personal portraits, and having them developed often takes away from what I did to the original photo.

Thanks to all who can lend some help.

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