i be joël

I write when I can’t think, in order to be at peace.
I write when what I feel is too powerful to control within myself, when I must be heard.
I write, when I have nothing else.

I write, therefore I am.

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root 1

To ask and to receive / To give and feel the breeze / Of gentle waves caressing / A power beyond repression
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2am Wednesday 25th Feb 2009

I’m going to write a book, and a movie script. / But first, I’m going to write a play. / It’s going to be about a girl, who spends her life searching for love. / She looks high and low, but it isn’t until she stops looking that she finds her true love. / It will be a journey of self-discovery, desire, hope, desperation, and finally satisfaction. / I better get scrawling. /…
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Ode to Mornings

Morning, sleep well? / What’s that, stayed up all night? / That’s the way. / Who really needs sleep anyhow? / Waste of precious, fragile time, / Of which we all have so little in this life, / On this world, / With these people?…
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Find the enemies of your enemies / And conspire with them!
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