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Today the Spirit Paid a Visit

I feel truly blessed to be able to pinpoint several times when I can testify to personally feeling and hearing the True Spirit. Today’s moment tops them all!
I was surfing redbubble and half watching Oprah’s Soulful Sunday show. It was really good and I was in great spirits. I just didn’t realize how much the Spirit was dwelling. I was spreading ‘congrats’ to other artist and ‘thank yous’ for my comments… thinking an ‘Amen’ and a ‘I know that’s right’ with the guest on the TV.On the next commercial break I got up to make my rounds and see what my kids were up to. I went singing down the hall, spotting my son first, " I Love my Justin! He’s God’s gift to me" and other embarassing mom things. I was going to leave him to his devices on the computer when I felt that impulse… the one I’ve learned to never ignore unless I want to feel the heat. I danced over to him and bent down to make clear eye contact. I said “Justin say God”. He did. I said “Is”. He repeated. I said “Good”. Again, he obliged. So I said it all together and he repeated “God is Good”. I went to walk away smiling at the moment.
“Yeah.” I turned around.“Yeah!”he said even louder as if I needed it shouted. I asked “Yeah, God is Good?”. He replied “Yeah!” and put up his hand for a really ‘high five’. I obliged. Then I laughed… and cried. " My baby is praising the Lord!" I ran to my cellphone and called my Mom, then my BFF assuring them what I was going to say was a good thing so ignore the crying.
Now, any mother would be proud and feel a little more confident in the child they were raising at this point. I was totally drenched in the Spirit. I could feel It and I heard It come out of my son. Saw it on his beaming face.
Justin is 14 years old. Unfortunately, he has not had many Sundays in church. Church nurseries and children’s services are not quite suitable for him.When he was very young his church services were always in that little sound proof room across the hall… the one where you can see and hear the service, while not disturbing the sermon. Justin can be disruptive.He’s smart, handsome and very creative. He loves to draw and has excellent penmanship. Justin has Autism and is primarily non-verbal.
Today he wasn’t hindered by either of those things.
Today he was perfect in the Spirit.
For that, I say “Amen!”.

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