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The Raven's Journey - Tarot Deck Release

I have been working hard on a major project and am pleased today to announce it’s release.

With the help of my friends, models Schatzi Sunshine, Holly J’aDoll, Kevin Allsworth and my son, Hayden Rhodes, technical advisors David Haworth and Karl Fowler, and the talented makeup artist Mizdee Rockinit, I have produced a tarot deck, depicting the Raven’s Journey.

What could be more auspicious than a Tarot Deck, featuring a witches raven, Brenna, made by a Wiccan born on Imbolc?

THANKS to everyone who kept my secret. I hope you enjoy them and that they help you see into the future.


Sales will help pay for an exhibition of the work, to be displayed in March 2013. Venue and exact dates to be advised.

Blessed Be!


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