I am a decorative artisan, painter/designer. i love to paint anything beautiful and powerful, usually combining elements of realism and fantasy with mythological overtones. I work with alot of vibrant colours, human forms and architectual landscapes. I have always been interested in art since i was a child. I started by tracing architectual buildings from stamps and then going on to rendering them with pen and ink. My medium is acrylic based using mixed-media components. I am also a Decorative Designer and mural painter. I work alot with good quality earth friendly plasters creating new and old world techniques, innovating them in my own special way. When it comes to murals i like to create scenery and landscapes. My Wall Finishes include: Hard and soft european stone effects, Lime based smooth stone polishes and marbled effects, metalic plaster effects, lime based glazes consisting in both smooth and course textured effects. When i am not painting i am designing alternative/industrial clothing and accessories. I make everything from belts to braclets, necklaces and adding accessories to fabrics. Alot of my creativity has been inspired by Greece, Rome and Egypt. I consider them to be cornerstones of support in the ancient artistic world.

  • Joined: July 2009