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I enjoy taking macro shots of flowers and insects as well as photographing other subjects such as my greyhounds, still life product shots and of course my gorgeous daughters – possibly the most photographed little girls around! Actually, of pretty much anything that i find interesting.
I do dabble in a bit of writing but i dont think im quite brave enough to post any of that yet…maybe one day!

I have just started working on my bubblesite, its a work in progress but feel free to have a look if you are interested: taryns bubblesite

None of my images belong to the public domain. All images are copyright protected to Taryn Basley. My photos are not to be copied, saved, used and/or distributed in any way shape or form without my written consent/permission.

Here are some of my featured works:

Tiny Hands, Big Art
Featured in ‘In the Pink’ September ‘10

So very sleepy…Koala up a tree
Featured in ’Card’s, Animals and Pets’ July 2010

Brooding Scissors
Featured in ‘The Tools Group’ March 2010

I Need A Cuddle
Featured in ‘Childhood’ Jan 2010

Rosebuds for Tea
Featured in ‘Colour me a Rainbow – Pink’ Nov 09
Featured in ‘Still Life Photography’ Nov 2009

Chiffon Petals
Featured in ‘Black with a hint of colou’ Sept 09
Featured in ‘Fabulous Flowers’ Sept 09

Material Girl
Featured in Candid Photos of Friends ad Family, August 09

Hendrix Gets a Makeover
Featured in Paws n Claws August 09

Puppy in my garden 2
Featured in Paws n Claws July 09

Wasp in Black
Featured in Tone it Down July 09

Featured in Colour Me a Rainbow – Red, July 09

Introducing Hendrix
Featured in Cats and Dogs July 09

Snail on Connifer Leaf
Featured in Bug Hunt July 09

Brutus Wakes Up
Featured in Pets R Us July 09

Featured in Just Pure Nature May 09

Featured in Colour me a Rainbow – Rainbow, July 09

Featured in Flowers In Macro May 09

White Lillies
Featured in Just Pure Nature May 09

Single Lily
Featured in Just Pure Nature May 09

Fish and Duck
Featured in All Countries – Wetlands Lakes Ponds and Rivers july 09

Blue Geisha
Featured in Colour me a Rainbow – Blue, May 09

Featured in Flotsam and Jetsam July 09

Run Kim, Run
Featured in Toys and Puppets July 09

Kim Possible in Action
Featured in Toys and Puppets Jun 09

Featured in Colour Me a Rainbow – Black, June 09

Featured in All Soft and Cuddlies July 09

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I need your opinions please

So I havent been nearly as active lately with my photography as I should be, using the tiredness and nausea of the first trimester of pregnancy as an excuse!!! But im giving myself a good old kick up the butt and am setting up a meeting with the curator of our local art gallery. I have 4 months till this baby gets here and then ill have two little ones so i really want to do this for myself now,…
Posted almost 5 years – 2 comments

Help Wanted: Breastfeeding Rally Perth, Australia

Ok, so this isnt the most conventional forum to be promoting political activism, but my rationale is this: / Who better to champion the right to equality than artists and writers, people who by the nature of their own creativity struggle against the constraints of ‘society’ in order to make the world a better and more beautiful place? / The liberal party in Perth, Western Australia ha…
Posted over 5 years – 1 comments

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