Thankyou to the RB community

I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and lovely communication i have received in this community.
When I started I felt quite intimidated by the enormous amount of extreme talent in this community and was rather thinking: Oh well. I could add some of my photos but most likely nobody will ever notice.
That has not been so. People, themselves so very artistic, creative and multitalented, have been kind enough to leave wonderful and encouraging comments, choosing my amateurish work as their favourites, adding me on to their watchlists, featuring my work and even voting one image to win a challenge.

I cannot tell how much all this meens to me and how much I enjoy viewing so many talented artists works here sometimes becoming quite speachless with admiration.

Thankyou to all those who have contributed to making me feel so very welcome here and given me so much encouragement to try and always find out more about all the little finesses in photography as well as trying to look for more creative ways to express myself.

You all are the salt of the earth. God bless you for being you.

Love, Eva

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