Scranton, United States

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Artificially conceived in a lab inside the fiery pits of the underworld and later kicked out for trying to make snow angels in the hot coals of hell comes Taped Ape. Designing shirts when not bound by the commitments of life and everlastingly hating the tape that binds him. Forced upon the earth to share his distorted views on reality and retro pop culture alike with hints of fanatical fandom and honor to that which he holds close.

Expressing himself through a mixture of grunts and expletives he took to creating the distorted images in his head using only his crusty mouse plugged into a machine built by the devil and fueled on the dead as a way to spew forth his thoughts and ideas upon a cold drab world. Having no formal training doesn’t stop him, his magic comes from drinking a leprecaun skull goblet full of unicorn blood.

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  • Age: 35
  • Joined: May 2012