“Are those steaks done yet?!” Tusami asks as Kaida sprinkles more seasoning on them.
“Be patient Tus, A well cooked steak takes time” Sienna says before taking a sip of her soda.
“Says the one with three kids, I’m starved.” Tusami quips as she sets her smoothie down.
Kaida takes a whiff of the steaks, and after a second, she says “About five more minutes”
“You said that ten minutes ago” Tusami protests.

Sienna, Kiada, and Tusami are at a resort known as the “Venus Hotel, Spa, and Resort”, it is a woman’s only resort for female hybrids who are mothers, or just have stressful jobs, and need a place to unwind without worrying about guys gawking at them. For that reason, the whole complex is on an island with a dock for small sea planes. It is NOT cheap however, but anyone that goes there becomes a life member, and can return at any time, and only pay the cost of fuel and food.

This pic spawned out of a discussion on Livestreme between me and caninehybrid, and after a short talk, I got to drawing this pic. And after about four days of work… I have to say… this pic came out well imho, and I’m very pleased with the results.

Tusami and Kaida Copyright caninehybrid
Artwork and Sienna Kerrigan copyright myself.


caninehybrid, kaida the charizarmorph, tusami, sienna kerrigan, dragon hybrid, anthro, beach, ocean

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