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Empty Inspiration

Inspiration. It can be so fleeting. It can be powerful, painful, raw, deep, light and shady. There are times when it can seemingly be everywhere, touching your artistic psyche and feeding the momentum of your work. Then there are the inspirational deserts…those times when even the most incredible and amazing refuses to penetrate and awaken the muse.

The emptiness of an artist is a lonely space. Here things are heavier than elsewhere. After times of driven, frantic whirring and chaotic metamorphosis, the starkness of the silence can be deafening. When nothing speaks, the artist feels lost. Purpose fades. The heart aches. It’s like lost love. The pain is real, and the day-to-day takes on the flavour of cardboard. Thickness ensues. The days become a heavy syrup.

It’s times such as these when we can remind ourselves that creativity often feeds from boredom. When the blank canvass stretches out like an Icelandic wasteland, there is beauty in it’s emptiness. When the blank music manuscript stares back with mesmerising empty lines, one can be reminded that music is make up of sound AND silence. One can start with silence. One can start with empty.

To know this isn’t always a way out of it. When the muse leaves us, and not even the memory of her whispers remain, it is easier to slump than to fight, because it’s not about feelings or actual happen-stance…it’s about ourselves. It’s we who we fear. The fear of the emptiness of the self. Of OUR self. We fear the nothingness. We ache for the full. To be inspired is to breathe. To create is to live. To not create appears deathly.

There is a place to start. A single dot. A single note. A mark. A word. Start with one. Keep it simple. A single occurrence with no expectations. Let it direct you or let it just sit. Do it, leave it, and see if anything happens. Perhaps a second might come to you, and perhaps a third. Perhaps not. Listen to the silence. Feel the empty. Imagine the emptiness. Imagine those who might seek the feeling of stillness through your art. Perhaps this is where you start today. Perhaps there are possibilities. Perhaps you yourself can be the muse.

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