Born to be Free

Imagine spending several years on a project, living through all of highs and lows, and the person you are working with (whom you met many years ago through RedBubble), lives on the other side of the country, though you would dearly love that to not be the case. So most of that time, you are alone in your dedicated crafting.

Time ticks on, and what starts off as being months, becomes years, but your belief never waivers. You hold on to the knowledge that you will get there in the end. You know many have faith in you, and though the path is long, you believe that it’s worth it, and that some time soon, you will be able to release the fruits of your labour into the world.

This week is such a time for me. The debut album i have been working on with my dear friend Peter Grigoriadis, AKA Muscularteeth is finally set free into the ether. Born to be Free – Muscular Rose.Thank you to all of you for your encouragement, support, and faith in us. Your friendship and motivation will always be remembered.

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