Always in the car... and things I love

I hate to be the one driving which is probably why I don’t drive! However I love being in the car. I love staring out the window, especially if it is raining. I love snapping away at whatever catches my eye, in fact my finger sometimes feels like it is fused to my shutter button. I love seeing a house nestled amongst trees, high up on a mountain. I love wishing it were mine. I love seeing shapes in the clouds and rocks, and laughing at myself when I imagine something really silly. I love how the mountains never get boring, because it is like they are always new each day that I look out my window. I love how the vineyards outside my window beacme my green ocean once I was no longer close to the real thing. I love how sometimes you have to slow your car to an almost stand still so the goats can cross the road. I love how eating a hotdog smothered in tomato sauce and mustard is one of the most divine and most simple pleasures. I love the way everything rattles when the train goes past my house. I love the way my kitten sleeps. I love making pizza, and I never bother with being modest, beacause I know they are great everytime. I love hearing a song I like on the radio. I love calling my Ouma up just to say hello. I love hugging my mother.

If whoever is reading this has reached thins point, then thank-you for putting up with all the I love’s. I love a lot more and don’t quite know why I wrote all this down, but here it is anyway.

P.S. To everyone who has commented on my work, Thank-you.

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