I enjoy taking and playing with pictures. I would love to share my view with the world. Enjoy!!!

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Scot Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk 2009

Scot Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk is July 18, 2009. Photographers world wide are getting together and shooting in their own local cities. I’m excited to be going in my city. Is anyone else going? Here is the link to see what is close to you. Pass this on! Join in on the fun!!!! -Tami / http://worldwidephotowalk.com/
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Summer Travels

This summer (Aug. 2009) I have plans to go visit back East of the United States. I will be staying in Arlington, VA but also doing a bit of sight seeing in the Washington DC area. I know there are a lot of Out of Country Gent’s so you could ignore this unless you have traveled there. / What I’m asking is, besides all the obvious travel spots (capital, monuments, etc.), where is a grea…
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WOW!! I'm a Featured Member

My artwork RED and I are featured in the group The Beginners’ Corner for the whole month of June. WOW!! This is so cool, I have never been a featured member before. I even gave my first interview. I really needed that boost. Thank You to all my supporters and your comments are the reason I keep going. Thank You!!! I feel so lucky and honored!!! With Much Love, Tami
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*Promo Cards*

I have made myself some promo cards and started passing them out to friends and families. Everyone loves them. I made them as a 4×6 photo and have them printed out as a 4×6 photo through Costco (at .17 cents a piece) I can print out as many as I want without spending a lot of money. What better way to promote your photos than as a photo itself. I thought I would share this with you. It …
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