Getting back into it...

Time to break my more than a year long silence. I have been very busy the whole year as now I am a mum of two (not one!) very demending babies. Anyway, things are getting a bit easier as our twins are one year old and know how to entertain themselves so I am trying to get back to the world of Red Bubble again, especially after one of my works was featured on the Main Page just a few days ago. This has motivated me to find a few free minutes daily to check out the RB.

Also, I will have to change my profile when I get a free minute again as I’ve upgraded to Canon DSLR camera and still learning how to use it properly, I even had to take a photography course to figure out how it works. I did say that I wouldn’t change my Panasonic Lumix camera for anything else but my husband was very generous and got a Canon camera for me as a birthday present and I have to admit that I am very happy with it, it takes fab pictures of our precious babies!:) So now I am looking forward to get out a little bit more often and make the most out of my new toy.

I am off on holidays to one of my favourite places in Thailand so will be posting some fresh pictures of palm trees, sandy beaches and emerald waters when I am back.