I believe our world is an extremely beautiful and fascinating place and my photography is a reflection of the beauty I have seen so far.

My mission isn’t to be an outstanding photographer or a pro in Photoshop. My main passion is travel, I would love to see as many places as possible before I die. A few years ago I traveled around the world for more than a year and that was when I developed my interest in photography. I wanted to capture as much as I could so I would have all this beauty with me for years to come and so I could share it with other people who love life and who are passionate about our amazing and diverse home called Earth. Also, with time I realised that my newly developed interest in photography helped me to see even more wonderful things around me as I started paying more attention to details so I could take better and more interesting photos.

As to the camera used, I mentioned in my profile before that I would never part from my faithful Panasonic Lumix which took many beautiful photos during all the travels but there is this expression “never say never”… My lovely husband got me a Canon EOS camera as a present so I could take nice pictures of our twins who arrived into the world a couple of years ago. Its taken me some time to learn how to use the camera but I am getting there. Of course, once the babies were born, the subject of my photography has changed from architecture and spectacular landscapes to little hands & feet and faces covered in baby food as now I am a busy mum and don’t get chance to travel that much anymore and also this is a great opportunity to work on my portrait photography skills. :)

Thanks a million for viewing my photos, for all the kind comments, for the votes in the challenges and for featuring my photos and apologies for not responding much on the comments as I don’t have much free time available for the Internet these days.

All the best.



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Getting back into it...

Time to break my more than a year long silence. I have been very busy the whole year as now I am a mum of two (not one!) very demending babies. Anyway, things are getting a bit easier as our twins are one year old and know how to entertain themselves so I am trying to get back to the world of Red Bubble again, especially after one of my works was featured on the Main Page just a few days ago. Thi…
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More TOP 10s and features...

TOP 10s: / “A shadow of the past is chasing me” in in the Red Doors challenge in Windows & Doors. / “Mysore Palace” in the Castles ~ Exterior View challenge in Your Country’s Best. / “Crystal Forest” in The Joy of Christmas challenge in Shopfronts. / FEATURED: / “Christmas Confetti” has been featured in the Colour Me a Rainbow and in Contr…
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The latest best things!

First of all I am very pleased with my Winner of The Market challenge in Your Country’s Best. “Colourful Tikka Powder” is one of my favourite photos. I took this picture at the Mysore Market when I was traveling around India a couple of years ago, I liked all the bold colours so much that I ended up buying a few packets for myself and now have no idea what to do with it… W…
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Thanks very much for featuring my work “Stardust”! Its highly appreciated!:) / I could sit and watch TV documentaries about space for hours and hours… And I find the images from space, especially galaxies, absolutely amazing! So I decided to create my little galaxy using radial blur filter, originally this was a picture of Christmas lights in Tokyo.
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