Melbourne Cental Building Info

Hey guys, as promised i went looking for a lil history on the Melbourne Central building featured in my portfolio. Here is what i found:

“The building complex is located in the central business district of Melbourne.

It is composed of various elements of offices, retail, and multi-use entertainment facilities. The highrise skyscraper of the complex will incorporate rental office space.

The complex also includes a large glass cone, inside which the existing old Shot Tower is preserved. This cone forms an atrium at the centre of the shopping complex, and the relationship between the past and the present gives the building a feeling of symbiotic co-existance.
The office tower follows the concept of skyscraper design as a “Crystal Cut” volume. Within the smooth shape, the facades are a composition of heterogeneous materials, such as stone, aluminum panel, reflective glass and tinted glass.

At the top of the tower, high-technology communication equipment is visible. The lower part of the building is more traditional in design. The facade represents a transition, from the solid city building at the base, which slowly evaporates towards the sky."

“Contained underneath the shopping centre’s massive glass cone sits the Coop’s Shot Tower which was built on the site between 1889 and 1890. It ceased to be used in 1960. The tower was retained to become a focal-point of the centre.”

Pretty Interesting hey. Now we all know y there is a building in a building.. hehe.
Hope someone reads this and learns a lil about melb history.

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