Hello! I’m Celina! I have a lot of love for a lot of things, and I try to express that through my photography and writing. Thanks for taking a look :)

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Girl, Boy, Bus

She glances at him because it’s safe, his back to her, his mouth running to someone else. Her eyes roam over his his half-exposed biceps bu…

A tired prayer

Dear God, / Life is hard. Sometimes I have the strength to justify it with affirmations like “it builds character!” or “Without struggle li…


There is so much greenery around me. Green is the color of the day, of the hour, and the dusk sets a soft blue hue upon it. Green grape lea…


Yesterday a homeless woman / sat next to me / on the bus, / and I shifted away from her / and kept my eyes down / and hugged my purse / to…

Chris the traveling chef

Instead they caress.


We spent a long time there, under that wizened tree, the new spring grass yielding beneath our bodies. The sun sparkled through tender leav…

to eat on a grey winter day

Eat grapefruit, that carnal pink fruit that one must rip apart in order to enjoy. Notice each juicy aril popping in your mouth; notice the …

lustful contradiction

He allows me the luxury of staring deeply into his crystalline eyes, squinting hard as if I’m trying to see spots that aren’t there in a re…

A Note to Love

Love, you devastate me. You’re sneaky, conniving, and stubborn. You weave vines into my hair and around my neck and squeeze a choked …

“Paris Amour”

My skin smells like melted sugar and wasted time and an idealistic fantasy, yours to be precise


He didn’t honor that with a response, and I smiled through the silence.
Akba on the Volga by takemeawaycn