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Apparitions of Mary in Cairo Egypt Dec. 2009!!! MUST SEE!!!!!

You simply have to see these to feel the miracle that has come to life almost 30 years since Mary last appeared in such a way in Egypt over a Church.

I feel honoured as She also appeared on the day of my birthday. When I viewed these videos I prayed to our Holy Mother with tears of joy overflowing and asked Her for a special favour for someone dear to me. I can tell you, in Her honour, She answered me and had my prayer request fulfilled today! I LOVE YOU HOLY MOTHER!! Thank you with all my heart! May all who view these videos be filled with the miracle of the love of God for that is the greatest miracle of all!

Please note, these reports are AUTHENTIC. The Egyptian government had the lights of the city turned off to see if this had any affect on the said apparitions and nothing affected i…

Some Advice on Painting a Smile With Teeth

Ok, so I’ being a bit random but I wanted to share some more tips with my wonderful friends who share so much with me and inspire me so much.

Has anyone noticed how rarely the old masters painted people smiling with big toothy grins? Well, I was studying Chris Saper’s book and she is a great portrait painter. I learned from her that she was taught that it is best to avoid big toothy grins but…if a client really wanted a smiling portrait her tip was to remember to stick with the temperature rules of light source and shadow (if the light source is cool in temperature then the shadow will be warm and vice versa). Also, the best tip I learned from her and which I apply is to keep the teeth SUBTLE and not overemphasized. Making the teeth too sharp in focus is not flattering a…

House Blessing By Me In an Evil Infested House and Aided by my Priest!

Warning! Do not read if such diabolical manifestations really frighten you!


House Blessing – Friday 20th November 2009
NSW 2541 Australia

Those present in the house during the House Blessing were the occupants of the house Haleigh, her partner Darryl, myself (Tahnja) and my Priest.

The Disturbances at this House and Some Background
After meeting with Haleigh, the resident of the house for 3 years, I learned from her of the many, many apparitions and physical disturbances throughout that time. Not only Haleigh but her four children had also seen, heard and felt these disturbances. Haleigh has many photos to share of anomalies and spectres which she has caught on camera prior to the…

I've Been Painted as a Swan Fairy!

Now here’s something that REALLY brightened up my life!

My dear friend and AWESOME artist Katerina Koukiotis has painted me as a Swan Fairy. I have shared with her some of my images to use for her art as well as some images of my darling daughter Jaymi. It is more than an honour to have Katerina paint us in any of her work.

She is a wonderful, kind, caring and truly Christian woman and I adore her to bits.

If you love GREAT fantasy art then you will love her work, feel free to visit her website

Fr Richard's Special Response

I just heard back from Fr Richard about his portrait that I painted. I promised I would share his response and all I can do is smile from ear to ear feeling pretty ecstatic right about now hehehehe…..

Fr Richard said;
*Wow – what can I say. I have never had such a gift before (blush!). I think it is fantastic – terribly humbling to be in such company – but I am very pleased with the whole painting – and even with myself. I am never greatly fussed with photos of myself, but you have chosen a nice image as your model…

So what can I say – except to humbly thank you for such a precious gift. I agree with the comments on the image posted – I am indeed honoured.

Thank you again!

Grace and peace,

Fr Richard*

Subconscious Painting?

Many people have commented about my religious works (mostly) somehow looking like me. Even my two teenage girls said the same thing and were quite amazed by it as they know that I do not do this purposely.

Then our wonderful Master Painter himself, Hidemi, keeps seeing the same thing so here’s what I did with my latest painting. For some reason I felt compelled to cover the lower half of the face of Jesus and was spooked to see myself!

God did say that we were made in His image but wow, this is something else! lol

My Fantasy Portrait

I got the best Valentine’s Day gift EVER! My FAVOURITE artist and my beautiful friend Renata Cavanaugh painted my portrait in the most stunning way as only she can. I was so touched by the end result that I just cried and gasped for air. She has painted so many portraits and done so many wonderful things for people that I wanted my friends to know that she painted this for me in gratitude for the portrait I rendered of her.

It has been my dream to have the honour of hanging one of her works in my home, but my portrait is even more special than I ever could have imagined. Please go see what she did for me by clicking on the link below.

My fantasy portrait

All my love to all my friends.

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