Resurrection Day (Excerpt from chapter 3)

Chapter 3

Music blared from the custom car stereo belonging to John Amos. He tapped his neatly manicured fingers on the steering wheel as his bright red Hummer H2 sped along highway 4. His platinum mane styled in a blown back fashion, and his attire seemed almost too laid back for his appearance. His dark brown eyes greatly contrasted his blonde hair, and that was how he liked it.

“Thank God for small miracles,” he said aloud referring to the almost empty country highway. Guardrail and trees swept past on either side. On one side a steep mountain, on the other, a wall of rock. The highway zigzagged up the mountain to keep the incline from being so steep.

John parked his H2 in a large flat parking area on the right of the road.
“Finally!” he exclaimed. He had arrived at his destination, Fledgetown Tennessee. The time was nearing 3:00pm.

A couple who had just recently parked and were dressed to hike waved at John as he unloaded his gear from the rear of his SUV. The female stared at him longingly as if she knew him. The male winced and grabbed her hand and led her quickly away. John shook his head and chuckled, he continued to unload his gear, which though it seemed bulky, mostly fit on his backpack and his one suitcase that he had brought.

John walked across the street to a building labeled: RESERVATIONS. The rustic log cabin look of the building really fit scene. He was impressed with the inviting look of the outside of the building, with an old wooden swing and rocking chair. “Yep, I may not leave here.”

He was met inside by a young woman; homely dressed, but beautiful nonetheless. Her brunette hair silhouetted her face in such a way that she looked almost heavenly; her thin nose perfectly complimented her thin face.

“Looks like I’m in heaven!” he said loudly as he crossed the room.

The girl didn’t look up or even acknowledge his existence.

“Excuse me darlin’,” he said in a southern accent, still moving closer to the desk, “but I was wonderin’ if it hurt when you fell from heaven.”

The girl still didn’t respond, then he noticed a magazine in her hands, as he got closer, he saw it was a male porn magazine. John was at the desk now and banged his hand on the desk in front of her. She jumped back like she had been shot.

“Damn it!” She yelled.

She looked at John who was seconds from laughter.

“Oh… I’m so sorry, Sir. I wasn’t paying any attention, this won’t happen again, please don’t tell my boss.”

John laughed out loud.

“Tell you’re boss? Ha Ha… oh golly, that’s funny.” He regained composure and said, “Baby I’m not gonna tell your boss. I’m just here to relax, my agent set up a reservation for me…”

“Your agent…?” she cut him off, “Wait a minute, I know you, and I’ve seen you on that movie. You’re that… that…”

He stopped her, “You must be mistaken little miss, I’m not who you think I am.”

“Are you sure? You’re not that guy… on that movie… with that lady with the big…” she held out her hands in front of her chest

“Yeah I’m sure I’m not that guy,” he looked at the floor. “Aren’t you a little young to be talking about those kinds of movies anyway.” She looked at him, ready to protest. He waved his hand to silence her. “Can I just get my chalet number and get going?”

“Whatever you say Mister…?”

“Amos, John Amos.”

“Well Mr. Amos, it looks like the decorator you asked for has been by and decorated to your specifications. He left a bill here for you…” she handed him a yellow slip of paper.

“Damn it…” he muttered under his breath.

“Excuse me?” She looked at him puzzled.

“Nothing,” he looked obviously annoyed. “It’s just that he was supposed to bill my agent, not me.”

She shrugged and looked down at the papers under her hands.
“Oh and here are your receipts and your chalet pass key. Your chalet number is 119. Is there anything else I can help you with today Mr. Amos?”

John shook his head, turned and stamped outside without saying another word. He was annoyed, not only with the decorator and his agent, but with the way things went with the girl inside. He thought when he first saw her, that he might have a chance at a fresh start, a chance to meet someone who didn’t recognize him from the movies.

The sign outside the log cabin held pointing markers directing to the correct path to each chalet. John took off toward his as fast as his feet would carry him and the extra weight.

Get-Away Chalet Rentals specialized in authentic get-away packages. The idea is that one would have to park and hike to one’s chalet, so in theory, one would not be bothered by the cares or noises of the outside world, therefore offering a true vacation experience. John Amos on the other hand was taking an extended leave from the outside world. He told his agent to rent a chalet for him, for at least two months. John thought about his decision to rent the chalet as he walked. He wasn’t out of work, just tired of it.

‘How could you get tired of work like this?’ He thought of his friends teasing him about his situation. He mimicked their voices quietly as he walked. ‘This is the work men dream about. You’re such a pussy. This is the kind of shit that makes life worth living, man. You’ve got it made; you get paid to fuck around all day.’ He continued to think about what people had said to him the day he left California. A female co-star told him that same day, ‘John, I know you’re going to do what you want, but I really think that this is what you were born to do.’
John shook his head as he hiked along the trail. A small campsite was up ahead off to the right about twenty-five yards. Two men sat around a fire that blazed several feet in the air. They each offered a hand in friendly gesture. John gave a slight wave, but continued walking quickly not wanting to stop and make idle chit-chat.

“We’ve got plenty of food up here if you get bored a little later,” one man offered.

“Thanks, I may see you soon,” John said weakly hoping the man wouldn’t speak anymore. He got lucky; the man turned and continued his conversation with the other man.

John walked on for about five more minutes and then caught the glimpse of a building in the distance. “Thank God!” He almost screamed as he broke into a trot. As he came closer he saw huge logs on the side of the building, it was built with the same log style as the other building, but huge by comparison. Large double pane windows hung on the side; they reflected everything thanks to the extensive window tinting. The chalet also boasted a wrap around covered deck, an elegant hot tub sat near the back stairs on the deck. John nodded in approval as he absorbed his surroundings, “This is my kind of place.”

The couple that John had seen earlier argued heatedly as they briskly walked hand in hand down a dirt path that led to camping areas.

“You know I hate it when you look at guys like that, and damn my luck for who it had to be this time,” Jim said hatefully as he dragged Karen along. Jim loved Karen, they had dated since high school and been through dozens of arguments like this one, but jealousy burned inside of him this time. He found it hard to imagine the love of his life longing for another man. He knew she loved him, but he also knew that sometimes she couldn’t be trusted. He’d caught her hiding things from him in the past and had hoped those times were over. “You know we don’t watch those movies anymore, those days are behind us, we’re supposed to be working on making our relationship more wholesome and ready for a family.”

“I’m sorry baby, how many times do I have to tell you? I just couldn’t help it; I never thought I’d see a movie star in person.” Karen watched the ground as she trudged along.

“He’s not a movie star, not a real movie star…” Jim muttered aloud more to himself than to her.

Karen rolled her eyes and sighed. “How about this campsite?” she asked, finally looking up.

“It’s just fine… maybe there’s a movie star in the tent over there,” Jim motioned with his free hand to the only other tent set up in that area.

Karen jerked her hand away.

“Ya know Jim, you don’t have to be such an ass, we’re on vacation… we’re supposed to be happy, act like it.”

Jim slung his backpack on the ground next to a tree stump. He looked at the ashes in the burn pit, thinking that it would be nice to be camping alone right now.

“Why don’t you just go collect some wood to burn and I’ll set up our tent and ready camp,” he said.

She looked at Jim, anger written all over her face.

“Fine!” She slammed down her backpack and took off quickly away from him.

He waited until she was almost out of earshot, and then said, “Hey, try not to trip and fall on any dicks while you’re at it.”

Karen didn’t look back, but lifted her right arm, middle finger extended. Jim shook his head and started to ready camp. Several yards away strange noises came from inside the tent at the other site. Jim thought an animal may have been wrecking the tent inside out. He grabbed a small stick from the ground and went to investigate.

Karen walked on, not really looking for wood to burn, but thinking of how Jim had been acting. She was frustrated; jealousy had always reared its ugly head during the duration of their relationship. Sometimes she thought he loved her, but she was beginning to have doubts. She wanted to marry, but Jim never took the hints that she threw so often. She was afraid he’d never ask and there she’d be, barefoot and pregnant.

She looked around at her surrounding, trying to choke back tears as she walked. She thought about how beautiful the trees and occasional flower looked at this time of year. She saw a butterfly on the trunk of a nearby oak tree and thought about how the butterfly had to go through stages to get to where it was at in its life.

“Stages…” she said aloud to herself, “that’s what we’re going through, stages. One day soon our life will be beautiful like this butterfly.” Karen wandered deeper into the forest; her whole world was suddenly rainbows and butterflies.

Jim crept slowly to the tent.

“Hey!” He shouted. “Anyone in there?” he asked, cupping his hands so his voice seemed louder.

He prodded the tent with the stick, still keeping his distance. He peered around the front corner of the tent. Suddenly an arm appeared, protruding from the opening. His body slumped, sighing with relief.

“Man, I thought there was something wrong, I didn’t know what was…” He stopped; mouth agape.

An elderly woman emerged from the tent; the arm he had seen wasn’t attached to her. She stood, clutching a lifeless arm. Strands of torn flesh hung from the severed arm. Blood dripped to the ground from the exposed veins that dangled with the torn flesh. Jim backed away in horror, but the woman turned to face him. Blood trickled down her chin; frothy, white foam dripped from her mouth.

Her eyes, glowing yellow, almost entrapped him.
She lunged at Jim, faster than he had anticipated. He stepped back to dodge her attack and stumbled over a fist-sized rock. He reached down and grabbed the rock, hoping he’d beat her to the attack this time. She lunged at him again and he raised the rock high in the air. He cried out, almost a Viking war cry as he brought the rock crashing against her skull. Her body went limp almost instantly, with barely a whimper. She lay lifeless at his feet, not even a twitch. He held up the rock to examine the dark red blood that clung to it. Moments ago it was a simple rock, now a death hammer. The blood that stuck to the outside was clumpy and dark; he thought it was very strange, expecting more of a bright red ‘movie-style’ blood.

Suddenly, frantic screams broke the now quiet air nearby. Jim turned quickly; it was Karen, screaming as she ran his direction.

“Jim! Jim… Help me, He’s coming for me!” Her voice crackled as she ran.

“Karen! What’s wrong?” Jim ran toward her, but she met him before he could get more than a few feet.

Karen almost ran over him as she reached him. She fell on him sobbing loudly.

“He attacked me… he came out of no where…”

“Who, baby, who?”

“Some… man… he jumped on me… He bit me…” Karen held up her arm. Blood ran down her forearm from a gaping wound.

Dropping the rock, Jim ripped his shirt off and tore a long strip off for a tourniquet.

“Damn he got you good.” He tied the strip tight. “Now…” He paused and looked her in the eyes gripping her cheeks, “who did this to you?”
She was trembling with fear and pain in his hands.

“This man… I don’t know who he is. He was dressed nice… a black suit, but no shoes. I thought maybe he was lost… I went to try to help him and he attacked me. Those yellow eyes, I won’t forget those yellow eyes.”

Jim looked back at the woman he had hit. She too was dressed nice, a flowery dress. Then he noticed she wasn’t wearing shoes either. He shook his head to clear his mind. Suddenly, more noise from the nearby tent. Jim turned around quickly, grabbing the rock he had dropped.

“Stay behind me,” he commanded.

A man burst through the zipper flaps of the tent. He was shaking his head and body wildly, almost as if he was having a seizure. Jim was sickened at the sight of the torn meat hanging from where his left arm used to be. The man suddenly stopped shaking and stood straight and rigid. The man stood outside the tent for what seemed like several minutes and then relaxed. His head cocked to one side, he turned to see Jim and Karen watching in suspense with his wicked yellow eyes. He was already foaming at the mouth like the woman who attacked Jim.
“Shit!” Jim said, waving his hand behind him to keep Karen back. The man continued to stare as Jim backed away still waving.

“That man that attacked you… was he foaming at the mouth too… Karen… Kar…” Jim felt Karen grab his hand. Then she forcefully pulled his arm up and he felt teeth clamp down on his hand. He winced as he watched the wild man close in on him. The last thing Jim saw before losing consciousness was bright yellow eyes as the man pulled Jim’s neck close to his foaming mouth.

John swiped the chalet pass key and pushed down on the handle to enter the chalet. The sky lights flooded the inside with daylight. The open floor plan of the house was very welcoming. Retro style furniture was set around a large shag rug. A forty-two inch plasma screen television was attached to the wall across from the wrap around couch.

“Thank God!” he said letting his backpack and suitcase drop to the floor.

He looked the area over, the small kitchen area provided plenty of access to cabinet storage and a large refrigerator stood against the wall next to an under-counter dishwasher. A door to a storage closet stood almost hidden under the staircase. Lining the L-shaped corner at the stairs, several nicely framed posters hung side by side. He stepped closer to better see the posters.

As he approached them, he saw pictures of naked or half-naked bodies on all of them. The top of the first one showed a picture of a woman’s lips shaped like she was saying, ‘OH’. The credits read: An O Production, starring Linda Lipps and Longfellow Johnson. The title jumped out from the page in large block letters; Bangin’ Miss Betty. The picture was of a half-nude woman holding her breasts together and looking embarrassed. The man in the picture was himself, nude, holding both hands over his privates and still spilling out on all sides. This poster was for a straight sex porn production.

The top of another poster had the same trademark picture of lips and read: An O production, in association with Twink Productions. It listed the names of all male performers among them was listed Longfellow Johnson as Wadsworth Longfellow Johnson. He being the only male dressed in the picture was dressed as a butler. This title also popping out in the same block style lettering read: The Butler’s Boys; obviously a homosexual porn flick.

Several other posters hung on the wall, all with references to the same O production company and the same male actor, Longfellow Johnson. John stood reminiscing of his past; feeling somewhat embarrassed and somewhat horny all at the same time. Finally shame got the best of him and turned toward the stairs

He ascended the stairs to see a room with large glass and wood doors. A king size bed awaited him inside. He took two long strides and jumped on the bed to relax, his hands behind his head. He sighed with relief, the long drive from Los Angeles had wore him down, even the two stops between didn’t help him relax.

He stared at the textured ceiling, tracing the swirls with his eyes. The longer he stared, the swirls began to move back and forth like one of those 3D puzzles that you stare at until you lose focus and see a picture. His mind wandered, jumping from thought to thought. He thought about not returning to Los Angeles and just trying to disappear. He questioned the financial aspects of staying in Tennessee. John’s eyes lids were heavy as he stared at the ceiling, soon they closed on their own and he slept.

Outside the sun was starting to fade into the distant horizon. Orange and red light painted the sky near the tops of the trees. Birds sang their final songs for the day and the lake at the base of the mountain was smooth and still. The forest was quiet; the wind stood still, the area was tranquil. It was the calm before the storm.

* * *

© Copyright 2009 By Taft Sowder
An excerpt taken from the book Resurrection Day by Taft Sowder

Resurrection Day (Excerpt from chapter 3)

Taft  Sowder

Somerset, United States

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This is an excerpt taken from my first novel Resurrection Day. If you’re interested in more info on the novel please check this link.
<- Please read the note at the bottom of the page, this is a personal note to readers and to those intereseted.

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© Copyright 2009 By Taft Sowder

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  • Taft  Sowder
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