Tabs and Slots specializes in custom printed media, designed to be quirky, fun, and awesome.

We are a creative collaborative effort made up of Chris Drummods and Hernan Cerezo (aka Spunqi). We enjoy pretty much anything creative, tasty, and nerdy.

Want to commission us for anything creative? Visit our website or email us at: tabsandslots(at)

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  • Joined: February 2012


Boarding the RedBubble Train

Hey there fellas and gals. / Just thought we’d try and settle here at RedBubble and see where it takes us. / I’ve seen RedBubble grow over the years, and it’s exciting to see where it’s gotten so far. We will hopefully start tackling some projects soon, and posting for all to check out. / I think we may do some shirts and iPhone case designs here soon. We’re pretty e…
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