Lynette K. – TaBellaDonna Art

Stevie Nicks, Drag Queens and alternative inspired art.

Portrait art and ink Illustration. I love to draw and illustrate the female form.

Many inspirations come from my love of, subculture , the freedom to be yourself. The French, the beautiful language, it’s streets, buildings, people and food. The 18th Century, the fashion and hair. Vampires, myth, Victorian, vintage, all things red, the unknown, Porcelain dolls, corsets, tea, absinthe, light and explosive colour, the dark.

All art in the gallery is copyrighted to me and cannot be reproduced in any way shape or form without express permission by me.

If you are interested in a commission email me for more info: or bubblemail me here.

Thank you for taking a look at my work, I hope you find somethings that speaks to you.
~Lynette K.

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I will be adding tshirts to my shop very soon. Any art piece you are interested in having on a tee, comment on the art piece and I will see what I can do to make it happen.
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