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oh my goodness..I sold a calendar...wow!!!

I know I said goodbye until next year..but I just had to come in and say a great big thankyou to the lovely person who just purchased a calendar of my nude paintings.. “A little book of nudes” WOW!

Thankyou to petra pinn..yes you did say your were tempted and I’m so glad you were!!!

I saw the message in my emails..and couldn’t beleive it!..thankyou so much I really hope you will enjoy it when it arrives..I’m rapt ..over the moon ..It’s my first calendar sale..whoooeeeeeee!!!!!
Ok I’m gone till next year now..hhha!!!!

much love
cathy walker


HELLO my Red bubble friends..well it’s that time of the year again..christmas is just around the corner..a busy time especially if you come from a large family like I do…I think there wil be 19 of us sitting under dads old pear tree this christmas..there will be fabulous food..laughter and mayhem maybe even some tears..but that’s christmas isn’t it ?

so I thought I’d better come in and sign off for this year..my wrist is really aching from all the typing I’ve been doing lately it needs a good rest..

I NEED A GOOD REST…hha! though I probably won’t get one.. I just wanted to say THANKYOU to all of you beautiful people who have befriended me and taken the time to make lovely comments on my paintings all year !and to say THANKYOU to all w…

bernard lacoque..I'm so sad that he's gone

I was absolutely devastated to hear that bernard lacoque died

I woke up to this terrible news this morning..and I just feel so sad about it ..I’m sitting here crying…devastated!
he was such a pleasant and kind person and really had such a caring attitude to everyone he met in here he commented on a lot of my paintings..as I did with his.
he had a childlike innocence..and this showed in his lovely lovely paintings..he just seemed like a beautiful person all round!!

you’ll be missed bernard..I’ll miss you heaps..I never met you in person ..but I met your beautiful heart and red bubble won’t be quite the same without you .
so glad to have met you dear man…I’ve never felt so sad about the death of someone that I never met before.. ..yet I felt that I…

wow ..I'm selling more cards.. !!

wow..I don’t beleive it ..I popped into red bubbble and saw that someone has bought quite a few of my sunset cards today..what a buzz!! …I really was suprised and I’m very grateful to whoever bought them..a mysterious buyer..If they wish to remain anonymous that’s Ok

my heartfelt thanks and very much appreciated!.. I’m so glad you liked them.

"Healing through Art " featured my sacred lemon tree..wow!

Thanks so much to the " healing through Art " group hosts who have just featured my sacred lemon tree painting.. I woke up to a nice suprise!

I appreciate that very much and it’s special painting to me too..I feel good that I can show some gratitude and pay tribute to this humble tree after all that dads lemon tree has given to us over the years..the lemon is such a great fruit. Thankyou thankyou ..what a buzz to get a feature !!!

cathy walkerxxxooo

wow..someone bought a print of angels bride..whoeee!!

Thankyou to whoever liked “An angels Bride” so much that they wanted a print
and a card..whoooooeee!! what a buzz!

you know I’ve been so lucky here on Red bubble and I’ve sold a number of original paintings..but this is the first time that I’ve ever sold a print of one of my paintings first time ever that I’ve sold a print anywhere ..so THANKS! . and it really suprised me a lot.

I really hope that the print looks good for you when It arrives..I’m sure it will as red bubble has a reputation for really good quality prints !it’s a beaut little painting and I feel so happy that someone likes it enough to want a print of it ..lovely!

much appreciated!


Thankyou for the feature in ~~~ Impressionist art

wow.. thanks!!!.. I joined Impressionist art recently and low and behold ! have a feature for my “vase of flowers”..so THANKYOU ..always a buzz to get a feature !to anyone who loved that painting ..thanks heaps !

and to the group coordinators of Impressionist art .. many thanks again ..hha!!

cathy walker

Thankyou kind people for buying some of my work..cheers!

Firstly I’d like to thank janis zroback ..the lovely and talented canadian artist who does so much for the R/B communtity
for purchasing one of my strange ceramic dolls recently ..I’m so pleased that janis loved her doll and that it made the postage all the way to beautiful canada..
to see it placed in such a lovely spot in her home was a real joy!..thankyou janis..much appreciated dear lady and I’m so glad that your husband liked it too
thanks again janis..

I would also like the thank the person who has just purchased one of my cards of “An angels bride”..this gives me a lot of joy ..as I really thought it was a beaut little painting..so to whoever the mysterious buyer is..Thankyou it’s ..very much appreciated !

Thankyou again.thankyou …

Thankyou to Janis Zroback for buying the yellow" strange ceramic doll".

Thankyou to janis zroback who recently purchased one of my strange ceramic dolls “The yellow doll”very much appreciated janis ……whooooooeeee!!!

now the yellow doll has found a new home..I’m sure janis will love her when she finally arrives in canada.
Thanks to all the ladies who were interested in these dolls and to those who commented as well…It’s so nice to make a sale and to generate such interest.

It’s a real, buzz to find that people really do like some of my strange, original and fun peices and there will be more ceramic dolls created here in the very near future..
so to all the ladies who want one!..keep an eye out OK !!

good one!

much appreciation and love to all
and thankyou again Janis
I may not sell many cards here at Red bubble…

Now that I'm famous..hha!!!

Australian House and garden ( the latest one) has given roband me a small mention in the " Gardens"" section of the magazine..whoooooeee!!!

The gardens section is really all about Armando and gemmas beautiful property in the hunter valley called valley field..he is leaning against our tiled wall (but you can barely see the wall) his body is blocking the way ..darn..hha!! ..hha!

on the opposite page we get a small mention..hhha!!

well now that I’m famous…. hhha!! what a buzz
I’m hoping that people will be banging down our door wanting something from us for their garden now..pity we couldn’t have had a full and whole photo of our wall in that mag ..it would have been great advertising for us.. but a big thanks to gemma and armando for letting u…

Thankyou to Alexandra felgate for buying a ceramic doll.

Thankyou so much to Alexandra felgate for buying one of my ceramic dolls ..what a buzzz !!!

the one with the “green face”.. has now been adopted and has found a new home ..whhooooooee!!
hopefully she will be very pleased with it when she gets it
in the post soon.

Much appreciated alexandra !!!.

Bob is going to make some new moulds for me soon..so I should have a whole new set of dolls to play with and paint ..hheeee!!
with a bit of luck ..and if I do everything right
these strange ceramic dolls could turn into collectors items.. now wouldn’t thnat be just fantastic….. (happy dreamer that I am..hhaaa !! )

much appreciated dear alexandra !

will be sending your parcel today so keep an eye out for it OK !

much lovexxxooooo

" Day-Dream time"..what would you do if you had a ton of money to spend.. !!

HI people , I’m just day dreaming for a while here..I shouldn’t be !
…but I have to!
and even though I should be doing so many other things..I have to have my dream space..to keep me sane and to stop me from going right over the edge completely so bare with me..and join this day dream if you want to..OK.. yes..get graphic ..tell secrets..don’t be afraid..but make sure that
what you day dream about will make you and others happy!
I think it’s true that conscious thought are things and they can create

and when you write dreams down
I heard a spiritual guru say that it doubles
your manifesting ability

**and this bit of info is from me.. …I think that if
you paint your dreams as well as think them and write them .. then it could possibly triple …

"Synchronicity " and what it is .

I experience so much synchronicity in my life.it can become quite eerie ay times..at other times it feels like I’ve just been blessed by a miracle…seems like there is someone looking over my shoulder and causing this strange synch to happen to me..

sometimes it just feels like being in the right place at the right time perfect timing I guess.
sometimes nothing will happen for some time..then out of the blue I’ll have a chain of synchronicities..all so strange!
this is a great article that describes synchronicity.
the term was originallydevised by jung..who expereinced this on several occassions ..It’s well worth reading up on what the great psychiatrist jung has to say about synchronicity.
happy reading , I think the following article describes it best..

The genius of Artist "Ian fairweather"

recently on TV I saw a wonderful doco on the life of Artistic genius Ian fairweather..what an extraordinary life and story that man had and such an amazing character he was. He died at age 82 on bribie island here in australia..and although pained from a rather sad childhood..he left such a wonderful legacy as he was so original in his style of painting.strange you know.. that many many artists that I hear about and know seem to have had very pained lives..I wonder why that is..? maybe pain is an initiation of some kind..i’ve often thought that maybe god or the gods..put people through certain trials and you have to pass the tests before you can move forward..

anyway ..on with the story…

Ian fairweather seemed to be so very very passionate about his painting and would pai…

Thanks for buying some of my cards!!

Thankyou to the two sweet people One person I know was Alexandra felgate who recently bought a card of my paintings “mermaids treasure house” and “Forest” .It’s always a real buzz ..

I appreciate that very much
I don’t know who bought the card of "forest "..but a big thankyou to both buyers anyway!

Happy creating everyone!


NAIDOC WEEK in Australia

NAIDOC week.

celebration of Indigenous Culture
NAIDOC means the " National Aboriginal Islander Day Observance Committee"

Last night Bob and I went to a local gallery exhibition in Mt Waverly a fairly local art gallery here. The exhibit was
of Indigenous australian art by indigenous artists ,there were 5 painters plus a dancer and a singer .

I must admit that we hardly ever go to any exhibitions,but because we have a few aboriginal friends now ,we decided to go to this one …plus the fact that we had been invited to attend…I’m glad we went along.

First up.. we were so pleased to be able to watch a young man performing some traditional aboriginal dance..he was truly fabulous..and so good looking and it was a freezing night..he had a small cloth wrapped around his …

Master chef news ! Armando is on tonight ..

Ok just to remind you master chef addicts out there that Armando the chef (my big sister gemmas husband) is on tonight 8th july australian time..hope you get to see him ..he’s a great man ..full on crazy italian chef.. looks like he’s all dressed up tonight bow tie and all..hha!

I can’t wait ..I wonder if he’s going to be nasty or nice..hha!!!

I can’t help it ..OK I’m showing off now..but this is really exciting news to me..
and I just heard about it today from my beautiful big sister gemma in sydney.
I’m sure it will be interesting to those following" master Chef" on telly.
My sister and her husband run a resturant in sydney called the “Buon Ricordo Ristorante” , It’s one of the Best .. I mean it..hha!! if n…

The Tomatoe Garden

Thanks to my sister Jane for sending me this beauty of a story Jane one of my four sisters who lives in Beautiful Cairns which is tropical and inF.N.Q of Australia thanks jane..xxxooo

Tomato Garden

An old Italian lived alone & he wanted to plant his annual tomato garden,
but it was very difficult work, as the ground was hard.

His only son, Vincent, who used to help him, was in prison. The old man
wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament:

Dear Vincent,

I am feeling pretty sad, because it looks like I won’t be able to plant my
tomato garden this year. I’m just getting too old to be digging up a garden
plot. I know if you were here my troubles would be over. I know you would be
happy to dig the plot for me, like in the old days.

Love, Papa

A few days later he…

Thanks for the suprise feature in the Imagewriting group

what a suprise..you know I lag behind in the feature department..so It’s always a real suprise when I get one..hha!!

thanks so much to the “Imagewriting” group for featuring my painting called
mermaids treasure house..very much appreciated.. it’s
a real buzz to be featured in any group.
Thankyou again..


How Astonishing !. I met an amazing Artist - A masterful Romanian artist

Something pretty amazing and wonderful and spiritually symbolichappened to me this week. I’m not much of a writer – so please bare with meI sort of start a story from the end and then move forward..hha!!so stay with me on this one OK.A man phoned bob last week and wanted some ceramic peices made.

we were both curious, as we usually are when we hear the word
“designer " we’ve met plenty of designers before and plenty of artistically inclined people over the years ..many people have come into our shed from very diverse
backgrounds and with varying degree of education and status etc

They all have one thing in common and that’s a desire and passion for making stuff from out of Clay !Bob my great husband has been a potter for coming on 40 years now and I b…

Thanking the"Speakeasy" group for featuring my "nude" painting

hhhha!….Gosh ..I’m rapt !!..It’s been a while sinceany of my strange paintings have been featuredLOL …there is so much good work here at Red bubble..It’s amazing that I even have any features at all..there are toomay fantastic painters and photographers in here..Thanks so much to the “Speakeasy” group..and I’m so glad they liked this one...I’m so pleased..and although this painting of a nude is ratherup front and out there~ a bit blatant ,a bit rude and a bit hard…….I do really like this one.. along with it’s pair.funny that It never received many comments..but that doesn’t really matter .. it’s probablya bit of a strange painting to look at and was done many years ago when unusual and odd things …

Very Sad & Devastating - Beauty Lost

My sister sent me this Today ..I cried as I watched what he had lost .. Art works of the highest calibre.. that took him so long to create..destroyed by the fires at marysville..and If that was me..I’d be so devasted..please view his work ..and if you can then maybe drop him a lne and tell him how sad you are that he has lost his lifetimes work..I can’t beleive that so many beautiful scultures have been destroyed..can someone please put in a correct link ..as I know that mine won’t work..



Cath you will appreciate the loss of these art works. Hope you can open it. I had to get Tom to open this for me.Jane Subject: FW: A Very Sad & Devastating Happening – Beauty Lost


I am sending you the attachment to one of the worldR…

You will get a chuckle out of these!

“Number One Idiot of 2008
I am a medical student currently doing a rotation in toxicology at the poison control center.
Today, this woman called in very upset because she caught her little daughter eating ants.
I quickly reassured her that the ants are not harmful and there would be no need to bring her daughter into the hospital.

She calmed down and at the end of the conversation happened to mention that she gave her daughter some ant poison to eat in order to kill the ants.
I told her that she better bring her daughter into the emergency room right away.
Here’s your sign, lady. Wear it with pride.
Number Two Idiot of 2008
Early this year, some Boeing employees on the airfield decided to steal a life raft from one of the 747s.

They were suc…

Sam the Koala..Bushfire animal miracle

You’ve p[robably already seen this..

but I wanted to put it here in case you missed it and
wanted to see a miracle for an australian bush animal..

These Koalas are wild animals and would never do this under normal circumstances..I almost cried to see this happen when a CFA firefighter gave a drink to a burnt koala..it was such a joyous moment after all the destruction and lives lost to see a moment of hope..
and what a beautiful gorgeous animal it is..
happy to say that this koala is doing fine ..It had 3rd degree burns to it’s feet but is fine now..and praise goes out to the CFA guy who took the time- amongst harrowing conditions to help it..
god bless the firefighters.

please put this link below into your browser and watch it all..maybe someone can put the direct link to it i…

My New Video by david Parkin

Hi ..just wanted to shout for joy and show off the new and better video that david parkin did for me..

as soon as I work out how to put it in here…hhhha!!!


If david is reading this ..can you somehow put the- click click link to that video here please..
Thanks so much..

I just LOVE the new version of this video and if my family and very old friends ever come in here to read my journal I’d like them to be able to view it…I feel quite proud of how they look ..and combined with the great music that david picked ..It really makes me very emotional to watch it .
thanks again..and hey !!..looking at this ..I’ve worked hard over the years and I have some very good paintings there..even If I do say so myself..hha!


Thanks for the Feature in mosaic mania!

Thanks everyone for featuring my mosaic Table.. in the Mosaic mania group

I’m so pleased that others found it Interesting ..It was quite a tedious and long job ..but I really loved the finished result..
thanks again..I’m rapt!!


Thanks for the Feature in Paranormal....the norm

That was a nice suprise ..I took some photos on the night of my husbands 55th a BBQ in the back yard.. some of the photos showed some strange glowing balls of light all over the pic ..called Bols or Orbs..

apparently what also showed in the photos was something called ecto mist .. I had read something years ago about about “ecto plasm” ..

..but now have to do some research on this ecto mist..
If anyone has any ideas on what these Orbs are..or the ecto mist ..please let me know.as they were in many of the photos..
Anyway ..I’m glad that the group thought the photos were worth showing and that this particular one was enjoyed..
thanks again ..It was a strange one..
and if someone can put that particular photo here ..that would be good.

Thanks again ..to the paranormal ..t…

Wow..my little brown nude featured in Life session expressions!!!

wow!!..Thankyou ..two lots of good news in one day ..I’d better have a lottery ticket …hha!!I’m rapt that they thought my very old little brown nude was good enough to feature in the Life sesions expression group…thankyou so much !!

“Brown Nude” was featured in the group Life Session Expressions

if anyone can put a pic of that painting in here ..that would be great thanks..I still haven’t figured out how to do that yet

thankyou thankyou ..I’m over the moon today!!

cathy walker


wow!! ..Oh my god david parkin made a video of some of my paintings !!!

OK I have some extraordinary news!!! ..I feel so wonderful today and humbled as well

I don’t know how to make this link work ..but please go over to David parkins Gallery and see what he’s done for me..It was just out of the blue..and I am soooo rapt -over the moon !!
what a kind and thoughtful person is david parkin


..I almost cried when I saw this..

he does this all in his own time..and he never asked me for any money he said he liked my paintings..wow!! ..so I’ve decided to send him a small painting as a gift of his thoughtfullness..
I almost cried when I saw how he’s put so many of my paintings into a video..and will have to send this to my family for sure..wow!!

a day for celebration..I …

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