Thanks for buying my pillows!

Thankyou to whoever bought 2 of my pillows… It’s a real thrill to sell something after so long….gee I haven’t sold anything in quite a while…wish I could find out who bought them so I could thank them…?
many thanks anyway!


Hi and where is everyone..?

Hi there red bubble friends, new people and anyone reading this..where is everyone lately? ..seems that we are all having a bit of a break from art or no one can see much of anyones paintings anymore..? I think this new red bubble set up is a bit difficult and we seem to be losing touch with each other is it the new format of red bubble I wonder..? ..Oh well such is life I suppose..anyway I’m doing some new paintings
I hope you are all continuing to be creative and selling some work as well..I need to get inspiration and get some good work out very soon, so I’m painting my lovely garden albeit impressionistic of my garden as I’m not a realist painter ..there are some groovy things in our grden here … I’ve nearly finished one new one after a long break from my art
I send peace and…

Thanks for buying my cards !

Thankyou to the person who bought 9 of my cards yesterday ( I think I know who it was)
it’s always a nice feeling to know that my paintings are appreciated and liked so much
so I was rapt to wake up to the R/B letter saying so many cards had sold all in one go
very much appreciated !

My New childrens book

Ok ..I’m so excited and pretty proud of myself
I’ve really enjoyed these past few months ..making up little childrens rhymes then putting bright and interesting pictures to match and then turning the whole thing into a book for kids.…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had these little rhymes popping up in my mind ..I wrote lots of poetry when I was young.
It’s great, that I finally have an outlet for all of those ideas
Kindle direct self publishing is a great thing for people who have books inside of them that need to be written and published. but who don’t have the energy time or money to try offline publishing places.

My second book ( In review in amazon kindle now)
is called Katie Mackay the grey kangaroo.
It’s about a kangaroo that goes shopping for grass ( her favourite food)

my kids kindle book released

Hi , well I finally finished my nursery rhyme childrens book
called “Our pet is Mister kosmo” “the most changeable dog in the world”
I have to say that it was pretty hard work getting it all together, but I’m so pleased with the end result…in fact I’m rapt in how it looks on kindle
this is a wonderful book for young children aged around 3 to 8 and the young at heart of any age! It has 13 rhyming verses with 13 funny pictures that match each verse. please go and check out my very first childrens book and leave a review if you can here’s the link

many thanks


Featured work in the "Art in Clay" group

Thanks to the “Art in Clay” hosts for featuring some of our pottery
Jug with big eyes was featured.. plus some pottery we did for an exhibition in the 90’s
It’s always a thrill to get a feature for work that you know you ’d put your heart and soul into.
I always tell people that bob does most of the hard work in the pottery he makes all his own moulds from his original master mould ..he does all the casting (sometimes hand throwing of the pots) and does all his own beautiful clear glazes..then of course he does the firings in the kiln ..he really is an expert and very talented in the pottery.. I have the easy part ( though not always that easy)….but I just have to paint them
thanks for enjoying our work…thanks for the feature xoxoxo

Artists wanted to show and sell paintings on new site called art select

Hi aussie artists..I recently got an email from a new site called art select

they have only been online for a few weeks and are an Australian site
here is the web address…

they are focused on selling any art that you want to sell online plus old paintings and old stock .. anything really..I have tried to keep my prices right down just incase they get a lot of new viewers as they are doing a lot of advertising.
they don’t take any commissions for your sales and it’s free to join and has free listings for your art…for a while
they were so happy to have me on board …and I promised to tell all my other Australian artist friends about their site..I am not affiliated with them in any way except to sell my art online.
so head on over there and join up..they will appreciate y

Featured again .."Art in Clay"

what a nice thing to wake up to another feature for our pottery in the “Art in Clay” group
I’ve been having some "off’ days lately and the cold winter weather here doesn’t help much at all!
so it’s very nice to see we have been featured again for our ceramics and pottery..thanks to the group hosts..I’m so glad you like our work…. you know it’s hard to sell pottery these days..even the very nice ones because..there are so many cheap imported pots around and people can’t resist buying them. Australian manufacturers of pottery are finding it hard to compete with the imports due to all of the expensive overheads..the clay, the glazes the gas for the firings etc etc all so steep here in aussie land.. so thanks again!


Our pottery Featured in Art in clay ..thankyou!!!

Thanks for featuring some of my hand painted pottery and ceramics in the Art in Clay group run by madalena Lobao and Margaret harris.. it’s such a thrill .. I must admit that rob walker (my husband of 40 years) does most of the hard work in the pottery..he makes all of his own moulds including the master mould and he hand throws the most beautiful pots as well..he does all the firings and all the glazing..I get the easy part and just have to paint them LOL ..anyway thanks for giving a nod of approval our way..much appreciated! xoxo

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