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Welcome, I’m Synaptyx! I make Sci-fi, fantasy, geeky, nerdy and other awesome t-shirts, hoodies, iCases, prints, stickers. Thanks for dropping by! :)

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Blade Runner Vs. Alien

It’s Blade Runner Vs. Alien on The Yetee this weekend! Which will outrun the other? Who’s getting retired? Choose on NOW! :D / Hypersleep by Synaptyx & @Fanboy30 / Nexus 6 by @synaptyx
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Off World on NowhereBad

Go OFF WORLD on TODAY! 19/20/21 April 2013 / A new life awaits you in the Off-World Colonies. The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure. Lets go to the Colonies! New climate, recreational facilities… …absolutely free. This announcement has been brought to you by the Shimago-Dominguez Corporation. Helping America into the New World. U…
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SpongeFinn AdventurePants Screenprinted Tee

SpongeFinn AdventurePants is up at TeeLaunch as a potential screen-printed tee for $15+shipping. I need to sell another 15 shirts before Tuesday, November 13th to make my target. Can you help? :D Share with your friends would be great, thanks! :D
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Born to Roll Out on the Yetee

17 hours to go for Born to Roll Out on the Yetee! :) / And now available on RedBubble on your choice of tee colour:
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