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A little message

Hello there!

This is the first and probably only post I write, so at first I’d like to thank everyone for their support – views, comments, favs, features… A special thanks to the person – unfortunately unknown to me – that bought one of my pictures as a greeting card a few days ago :) That was good, unexpected news. I hope it put a smile on the face of whoever received the card. So that was part one of my post.

Part two is: Even though I just made my first sale, I’m not that active on here anymore. Maybe that’ll change again, but right now I use other platforms a lot more frequently. So if you want to follow my work on a more regular basis, you should have a look at (and like ^^) my Facebook Page. I also sometimes upload slightly different things, like Before & After comparisons of my photos.

That’s it, end of this message :)
Feel free to reply, if there’s anyone out there who cared to read this, haha.

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