I’m a writer of strange things, I like exploring the world around me through my work. In some ways, I like to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange. I like to not always have a “twist in the end” because I think that’s often overdone to the point where people expect it, so often I like to spice it up with a twist in the beginning or the middle instead.

I write for myself, but I’m inherently critical of my own work and try and refine it as much as I can. (I’ve seen a fair few people say they “write for themselves” as an excuse to write shoddy, badly edited work and that’s definitely not me.) I appreciate constructive criticism given without malice. Even positive feedback, I’d love it to be descriptive, instead of “It’s good” or “I liked it”, tell me WHY it was good, WHY you liked it, what it made you FEEL. And vice versa, so I can always improve my style. I don’t claim to be perfect – I’m pretty much my hardest critic :)

Enjoy yourself and feel free to bubblemail or leave a comment, I love conversing with others.

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