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I am sitting, I am thinking
Experiencing, not blinking.

Is it safe to, is it right to
Never mind the need to break through?

Am I right, am I wrong
Like some words from an old song?

Is the meaning too obscure
Is there anything for sure?

Human life, spirit, drive
And the need to feel alive…

Do we get it then forget it
Will it lead us if we let it?

The old ways of the mind…
Are sometimes best left behind

For what about the here and now
That this may leave behind?

Past thoughts, love, hard memories
Will only ever stay…

If we allow them to do this
What does that leave us for today?

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  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellabout 6 years ago

    Now that is a thought provoking question…….I guess a mix….which is the sum of who we are?
    If we can integrate, perhaps we’ve made the break through….

  • Hi there Lisa over there in Melbourne….yes a few questions, in a quiet reflective mood this morning. I know what you mean about integrate, but I’m thinking also about the need to eradicate some old ways that no longer serve a good purpose….you know like seeing the same thing with new eyes not tired ones….that can change perspective and give different and new meaning which brings us happiness and courage to change.
    We can spend so much time sometimes caught up in our old patterns and beliefs. Originally they are there for a good reason, but eventually the time comes when the defences are no longer protecting us but preventing us from allowing what might be good for us, and instead being protected we are prisoners.
    the human spirit is both beautiful and fragile – each contains its opposite and yes in this sense integration is a good thing, leading us to balance.
    I read a little book once about the precious present and it was not a gift, it was not anything material, it was about how precious now is and how we humans get stuck in the past or pondering the future while missing the present and the opportunities in it for happiness.
    Does that make sense?

    thanks for commenting – I’ve probably given you more to think about now…and would love to hear your thoughts….S

    – Suzanne German

  • adgray
    adgrayabout 6 years ago

    Suzanne this is what differs us from the animal kingdom.
    It is not the communication or the survival or consideration
    It is the philosophy, the philosophical thinking discussion process our mind dwells in
    Descartes~ “I think therefore I am”

    And this piece also reminded me of HHG2G – D Adams
    - the planet is a huge computer and we the busy thinkers trying to come up with the ultimate question to the answer 42! lol [Love Adams!]

    Chookas lovely lady! ♥

  • Hi Alyssa….you’re referring to Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? lol!….yes 42 is the answer they said….my response is What is the question? a bit like The Answer to Job in the Old Testament…even then I thought, But what is the question?

    Well about this piece I wrote this morning, I am in a slightly different space….not sure that it comes across in what I wrote, but each person gets their own take on things…that’s great.

    And even though thinking is an essential part of our psyche and our lives, it is’nt everything is it? Wisdom of the heart and mind combined…now that’s where I was aiming with this piece…

    Thanks so much for interest and your feedback Alyssa….and I welcome your response to my reply to you.

    – Suzanne German

  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellabout 6 years ago

    I understand what you mean about eradicating that which serves no purpose. I’ve found that the eradication process can be futile as a long term prospect. I’m beginning to wonder and I’m speaking out loud right now with no real resolution. Could it be more fruitful to integrate, by this I mean a healing integration a total acceptance. Of all our makeup; we spend so much time trying to right this and that, forgive, forget that which has been done to us, done by us….fuck it is never-ending.

    Do we miss out on the living while we are in that process?

  • Hi Lisa…..I am thinking about your response….you say thinking out loud, but quite wise! Yes integrating and accepting are of course essential, and seeing it from your view, I think you are right that healing is the key. As you point out, our total makeup is who we are.
    And maybe, perhaps, through love and healing we are able to accept ourselves and allow others to accept us.
    I suppose the thoughts in this piece I wrote may have a wide application….and I agree with you integrating and acceptance of the self is the first step to letting others in. I know this is deep and I truly believe that spirit (and by that I mean that special part of us that creates) and mind (the engine that can drive it) if integrated are best when working together in balance.

    Thanks Lisa for your thoughts and reflections on this….I value your views. S

    – Suzanne German

  • And thanks Lisa btw, for adding this to your favourites….very humbled x

    – Suzanne German

  • adgray
    adgrayabout 6 years ago

    Douglas Adams posed that we all presume the ultimate question to the answer 42 is “Why are we here? Why do we exist? What is the meaning of life?” [yes the Pythons got in on the act too! lol] but that cannot be answered as 42 it makes no sense!
    But look at it this way … if we did not question our existence or why things happen as they do etc … there would be no culture – no story telling no rules no written or created communication beyond beating the ground, a log, ourselves. we would not question we would just do – feed ourselves bear & raise young & die! We would be animals no different to any we have studied in the pursuit of the ultimate question…. & [prior to Adam’s answer of 42] the ultimate answer.

    and no thinking philosophical thoughts are not everything. most people challenge themselves with these thoughts when a teenager and finding their way in the world as they come into adulthood. They who decide it requires a life long pursuit, end up becoming philosophers and at the other end of the scale those who decide it’s all too much and a useless waste of time, settle into their chosen habitual lives and think of it no more, they usually scoff at the philosophers as being crazy!
    there are people who think on it from any degree in between and there are some of us that are so obsessed they become mentally unstable

    I mean as Lennon said – Life is what happens while we’re busy making plans!

    Your piece poses questions with no answers and all of the questions add up to questioning the need to question

    The begetting of wisdom only comes with the questioning and the searching for the answers be that a conscious effort or becoming aware of the patterns of what we have experienced being repeated all be it unusually and individually but still the same events.
    Wisdom of the heart you are focussing on … ahhh is that not an oxymoron? For our valentine heart will love over and over again, regardless of the pain of bewilderment or betrayal just as our physical heart beats over and over again regardless of the blood draining out of a wound to the ground.

    Perhaps the ultimate question is What is the ultimate question?

  • Hi again Alyssa…..wow what a long thought-out response you’ve given here…thanks so much!

    I like the John Lennon line you quoted:
    Life’s what’s happening while we’re busy making plans

    true true…but where would we be without plans? I mean seriously, in the real world we have to plan for security, for our future and those of our loved ones, etc….we can’t be completely random…that is not to say that spontaneity is not good – it can be great – but all in equal measure and doses…I keep returning to that word balance – perhaps that is my unconscious drive behind all this…trying to find and safely hold the key to balance in all areas of my life…..

    maybe the question is How can balance be achieved and held safely?

    – Suzanne German

  • Suzanne German
    Suzanne Germanabout 6 years ago

    Maybe, like Lisa pointed out, self acceptance and healing, provide the basis for integration / balance….and that can lead to balance being present in all that we do whether alone, with loved ones, in all areas of life..

  • Suzanne German
    Suzanne Germanabout 6 years ago

    Hi Mark – thanks for favouriting this…I’m curious about your take / thoughts…

  • Ushna Sardar
    Ushna Sardarabout 6 years ago

    Excellent written Suz hunnie!!! huggles

  • Hi Ushna thanks for reading, commenting and adding to your favourites – flattered!
    What were your thoughts about this….?

    – Suzanne German

  • Alicia  Liliana
    Alicia Lilianaabout 6 years ago

    Wonderful piece Suzanne….it is indeed within our minds that we perceive and decipher our complex world and where we have the ultimate power to change and create our reality…. much truth and wisdom in your words…

  • Alicia  Liliana
    Alicia Lilianaabout 6 years ago

    You are very welcome…:))))

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