A water-baby who loves the ocean, waves, water. Living in Australia, so plenty of coastline for indulging.

My main cameras are my Nikon D70 with a standard lens and a 70 -300 zoom, and my compact Olympus.

I have been known to just grab the nearest camera from my husband or son if mine weren’t handy.

Many of my photos are from my favourite place to be, our holiday house at Beechford, Tasmania.

We also want to share this beautiful spot, so we have made our house available for rent. www.beachviews.com.au

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Card Order Part 2, Feb 2012, has arrived

The second part of my card order has arrived. All but one of these are images of Tasmania. This is something I have not been able to get from my regular card suppliers, so Red Bubble comes to the rescue! / The images are delighful. I hope my customers think so too.
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Card Order Number 1, Feb 2012 Arrived!

Here they are, in their gorgeous goodness. / I hope my customers like them as much as I do.
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New big card order made

There are so many beautiful images on Red Bubble! / I have placed a large order this week – 47 different images from 32 different artists/photographers. / I wish there was an easy way to show what has been ordered, or, in fact, to let the sellers know who is buying. There used to be, but now that’s gone, unless I send a note as well – 32 times! / I have only a couple of cards l…
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Order Arrived! 24 August 2010

Wow – that was quick! / Even better, all the cards were folded, with their envelopes, and in cellophane bags. / They are all up on the racks now, and look fabulous as a group. / I hope my customers like the artwork as much as I do.
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