Making that link live....

It’s wonderful to refer people to anywhere on the web from your description area. But keep in mind, just typing the url doesn’t do it. There are instructions underneath the edit box in the “text formatting hints”. Here’s what it says about linking urls.

Type in something or other with quotes around it and a colon after it

“Stuff I like”:

THEN you can type in the url after and it’s live:

Stuff I like


Blurb book preview

If anyone would like to see more Alice photos, I have just uploaded a book on blurb.

Alice Book

The software was really easy to use, the only problem was that the type seemed to change size at will and had to be repeatedly coaxed back into shape, but maybe that was appropriate for Alice in Wonderland. A great tool for artists wanting to have a lot of work samples available to show prospective clients…or dates…or your Mom.

Illustration Friday

Just wanted to let my fellow redbubble artists know about illustration friday. Every week there is a prompt , a word to work with as an illustration inspiration. You have the next week to get an entry up (I put them on my blog, but it just needs a static page, so an entry on redbubble in the art category would work – you just want to isolate the single image as much as possible). Even better if you happen to have done something that already fits the prompt. Check it out, there will be a new prompt tomorrow, and shoot me mail if you have any questions if you’d like to participate – their instructions are pretty clear and detailed.


I am showing Lost Boys fan art on my blog this week

ArtSpark Theatre

Lost fan art

Hello fellow lost nerds -

This month (June) I will be posting my own version of Lost on my blog (probably about 20 entries out of the 30 days). It’s tiny! Take a look if you’re curious. And do comment if there are any favorite scenes/quotes you’d like to see.


Intra marketing

I have followed with interest favorable comments left at widely spaced intervals on my featured designs in the last 24. And yes, that person is leaving favorable comments on all featured designs, and it is a perfectly legitimate form of marketing.

However, being insecure, I am less than convinced of that person’s sincerity in praising my genius.

Blog of note

My blog got selected as a blog of note by Google yesterday (January 8), so I’m getting quite a bit of traffic there, some of it comes over here. Anyway, I’m posting this to encourage other r.b.s to blog if you have the time, I do believe it’s good to post about things you’re interested in or have opinions about other than your own work (though I post about that also) to attract the google blog mavens’ attention – they like odd ducks, from what I’ve seen of who they choose. It’s also good to link to others whose blogs you like. My blog is linked in my profile if you would like to see what I do,aside from that if anyone wants any tips for starting out let me know and I will try to help.

Thanks for welcoming me here

Thanks to the features at redbubble group for picking my singing bird design for featuring, it was my first submission here. This is a very supportive community and it’s a pleasure to join you all.