How exciting....5th Guest Featured Artist

Wow I am so very honored to be the 5th Guest Featured Artist in the Painted Dogs group….thank you so much Barbara

*Congratulations to Susanne Correa for being selected as
Our 5th Guest Featured Artist is: Susanne Correa

She is a wonderful artist who has been with our PAINTED DOGS Group since the beginning JULY 2009, but is a long time Bubbler since Jan 2009
, She Hosts Around The World, For the Love of Cats and Paws n Claws . She has a gallery filled with beautiful work both drawings and photography, and would love to share it with each and every one of you. I’m sure she’s anxious to know what you think, so just remember RedBubble Etiquette when you critique her work :-) Susanne Correa will be our guest artist for 2 days……..until 12 noon (my time) 4/30/2010, so please stop by her gallery, view her talented work, and comment.
Then, COPY your favorite photo right here and say WHY, YOU ARE CHOOSING IT AS YOUR FAVORITE (choose as many as you like!)


The guidelines are few:

  1. Go to her gallery and look around. She has 40 pages Please visit all of them.
  2. When you post a photo, choose MOUNTED PRINT or CANVAS PRINT (shows the piece better) but be sure to include the TITLE in your comment.
  3. Don’t forget to click on WATCH THIS TOPIC to keep up with what your fellow artists have to say and what they choose as their favorites
    #If you have trouble with the Copy and Paste on Red Bubble GO HERE

HAVE FUN with this and remember……….YOU could be next!*

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