Taking my photography to a different level (Pip Gerard)

Hello to all that added me to their watchlist and to all that fav my work.

For those that know me know that english is my second language so any mistakes are forgiven lol… I hope

One evening I added a photograph and I do not remember which one but I received a comment from PipGerard
saying that I should take my photography to a different or to a new level and I told her that I don’t think that I am good enough, well 2 days later I went to gamble a little bit, this is Las Vegas you know… I met a Lady named Monica that has 5 dogs of her own but also is the Director of the Childrens Choice Daycare which is the MGM 24/7 daycare for all MGM employees. Monica loved my photography, since I always cary my I Pod Touch with me with all my photos….she also told me that she had a photographer but he did not like to take photos of animals and that she is in need for someone else. Well I jumped on it and have been extremely busy working on my web site and lots of photo shoots. I always, always comment on all that leave a comment but at this time I can not, I am way to busy and reply to all but please bare with me to all that leave comments, I am working on getting this together every night until 12 or 1am and I am just pooped at that time

Pip, thank you so very much, I am extremely greatful to you for having the faith in me, and I did not forget to send you a thank you card as soon as I get a break, lol…

lots of hugs to all for your wonderful comments, they are so much appriciated.

XOXO Susanne…aka “little rascals studio”


  • Rowan  Lewgalon
    Rowan Lewgalonabout 5 years ago

    How awesome is that?

  • Thank you so much Maureen!

    – Susanne Correa

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clarkabout 5 years ago

    fantastic news and congrats on your upward step…………………..you have a successful future

  • Thank you so very much Chris, I am so excited myself!

    – Susanne Correa

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clarkabout 5 years ago

    I got exciting news last night………….I have been booked for an event to do on the night portraits (150-300) which is good but the real buzz comes from the fact that one of the Senior Royals (Prince) will be there on the night……………………………………………

  • Oh boy, I wish you all the best, please keep me up to date Chris, this is so exciting!

    – Susanne Correa

  • Pip Gerard
    Pip Gerardabout 5 years ago

    I truly feel very touched that my words meant so much to you and helped move you in this wonderful new direction. Your words and story have meant so much to me. I’ve always been of the belief that’s it’s very important to give recognition and positive feedback where it’s due… and you telling me about how what I said affected you just proves that it’s important to do.

    Try not to work too hard cause I’d hate you to burn out… just enough though (cause with the hard work comes the rewards) :D Good luck. I truly wish you nothing but success and enjoyment. ♥
    Thanks Susanne… you’ve helped me just as much. xox ♥♥

  • Thank you so very much again Pip, I am always my worst critic and than I started to get all these nice comments from so many member here that I thought hmm maybe I am doing alright but was not there 100% until you said something, I guess there is a reason for everything because just a few days later I met Monica. Hard work is in my blood lol…I just took of from work for 5 days to dedicate that time to my new website littlerascalsstudio.com it is almost done.
    Pip this would have not happened without you, I am so very thankful, how did I help you?
    Lots of hugs

    – Susanne Correa

  • Rebecca Cozart
    Rebecca Cozartabout 5 years ago

    Congratulations and all the best. How wonderful for you!

  • Thank you so very much Rebecca, I am so excited!

    – Susanne Correa

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonabout 5 years ago

    Wow, life’s offerings are great. Congratulations to you, I’m so happy you have a chance at a bigger open door to your future.

  • Thank you very very much Flowers, I guess we never know whats around the corner!

    – Susanne Correa

  • Terri Chandler
    Terri Chandlerabout 5 years ago

    Congratulations Susanne! xo Your work is awesome and this is a well deserved event in your life. All the best my friend! ;o) xo

  • Thank you so very much Terri, I am truly excited!

    – Susanne Correa

  • Judy Grant
    Judy Grantabout 5 years ago

    Way to go !!!! I always loved your work and your love of animals !! I am so happy for u!! xo JUdy

  • Thank you so very much Judy, I am so very excited about this whole thing, thank you also for loving my photographs, I so appreciate this

    – Susanne Correa

  • F.A. Moore
    F.A. Moorealmost 5 years ago

    Susanne, I have to tell you that your story here warms my heart. I’m so happy for you. Your portraits of dogs bring out their endearing personalities and physical beauty, too. Let’s face it, we enjoy both!

    But even more than that, what you have recounted here — a small, but meaningful encouragement from Pip — is what positive energy is all about. We can affect others with so little, as Pip did with you, with positive, constructive, and targeted words of wisdom. And then you pass it on to others, and the wave keeps moving through the universe.


  • Susanne Correa
    Susanne Correaalmost 5 years ago

    Thanks so much Frannie for stopping by…yes Pip is awesome and believed in me and that sure helped alot I am in debt to her and sure will pass this positivity on to others :)